Friday, November 2, 2012

Off to Mashpee, MA


Was up early today, still raining out.  Was having my first cup of coffee when my daughter called that my grand daughter was sick.  Change of plans for the day, I got dressed and drove the 20 miles to pick her up and bring her here.  She slept a good part of the day and her mother was coming for supper anyway so it all worked out.  I tied up some loose ends.  Made a room reservation for tomorrow night as we are taking 2 days to get to Mashpee, MA.  Looks like it will be wet at least part of the way.  I gassed up the Odyssey while I was out so it is ready to go.  I called and got a couple more insurance quotes for the new to us Coach, now I am more confused.  The folks a lot of people deal with do not write policies in New York, to much red tape.  But the one I really wanted to use told me that our Progressive policy is a really good policy.

So Bonnies younger sister was also here for supper tonight and Elizabeth and Alexus also.  All is quiet now and I am pretty much packed.  Its pushing midnight so I am headed to bed.  Bonnie did all the wash today and cleaned so we are ready to depart.  Her youngest sister is going with us so when she gets here mid morning we will load up and head East.


Up this morning and I finished packing and had some breakfast.  Then turned down the thermostats and took out the trash.  Carried down the suitcases and put them in the car.  Shortly later Carol my SIL pulled in parked in the garage and we were ready to roll.

We headed up and jumped on the thruway I-90 our route for the rest of the day pretty much.  I drove the first part of the trip and Bonnie took over at the first rest stop.  Then we stopped for lunch.

Bonnie and Carol at our Lunch stop on the thruway

About to cross the Hudson River
 The new Odyssey is getting better gas mileage than we thought it would, Bonnie is happy!

29 MPG
 We continued on in and out of rain a sometimes a bit of snow.  I took over the driving at the last rest stop and soon we were entering Massachusetts.

Some stop for a picture we took ours in motion
We pulled into Lee, MA about 6 hours after we left home.  It was a good travel day and the time passed quickly.  We chatted for about 4 hours and then listened to an episode of "Living the RV Dream" a podcast John and Kathy Huggins record every week.  You might remember we had dinner with them while we were in Florida.

Our home for the night
 We heard from one of Bonnie's friends that Lee is his home town and he grew up close to the Super 8. This place had good reviews and is very nice,  the front desk clerk is about to graduate as a nurse so she and Bonnie had a nice chat.

We took a drive through the small town then used Yelp to fid Timothy's which had good reviews.  We thought we were going for pizza.

Well that was not to be I had a seafood casserole, Carol had ravioli stuffed with butternut squash, in a brown sugar white sauce that was more like dessert, and Bonnie had a Stromboli that was the size of a loaf of bread.

Carol is working on an on line course now, Bonnie is reading, and I will also as soon as I finish this update.

Hard at work studying
Its been a good day the ride was very comfortable and I think we are all well fed and will sleep well tonight.  We have the last third of the trip to drive tomorrow, check in is at 3 so we can take it easy and maybe visit a couple sights here in town before hitting the road.


We were all up by 8 this morning.  I woke to what turned out to be the refrigerator making a tapping noise, Bonnie referred to it as a mouse with a bongo drum.  We had our continental breakfast and the girls took off to shop in the local stores.  They should be back by 11 which is check out time.  I am catching a little news and TV.  Then we plan to find the local coffee roasting place and then head for Mashpee.  I think we will take the route through Providence, RI as it is not all interstate and should be more scenic.

Well the girls rolled in about 11:40.  I had vacated the room at 11 which was checkout time and sat in the lobby and wait for them.  We headed for Mashpee and even had a little sun.  The drive was uneventful and we only made one stop on the 181 mile trip today.  The girls were hunger and we so we stopped in Barrington, MA at a nice small restaurant.  They had a huge menu and we all got different stuff.

Small but really good food

Brightly colored tree out front

Carols, White Pizza

My pits gyro only it had chicken

Bonnie's Pizza salad.
The girls both got boxes to go.  Bonnie drove and we headed toward Providence where we ran into a backup from a crash on I95.  So I grabbed the GPS.  I navigated and Bonnie did a good job of driving on the crowded streets and maneuvering into the right lane for the next turn.  We missed one turn and had to loop around but we keep moving which was more than traffic was doing on the interstate.

We did cross a couple big bridges today.

Bridge into Fall River

The Bourne Bridge
We pulled into the South Cape Resort around 4:40pm.  The checkin was easy, after we found the registration area.  The resort is pretty empty and nice and quiet.  Its a small older resort but is comfortable and we will enjoy it.  There is an indoor pool and sauna to relax in also.

So we had a good trip here we averaged right around 29 miles per gallon for the 500 mile trip.  We had enough gas to make it on one tank but filled up when we saw a sign for $3.599.

Tomorrow we will figure out what all we want to do this week and make some plans.  The resort has and orientation meeting at 10am, hopefully we will be up to attend.


We got our extra hour of sleep last night and I was up before 8.  Carol was already up and she spoiled us with omelets for breakfast.  After eating we worked on making alist of the things we wanted to do this week.  Then at 10 we wen to the orientation meeting and got a few more ideas.  It is the end of the season here on Cape Cod and a lot has closed for the season but there is still a lot to do and see.  The good thing is there are not the crowds that are here in the summer.

We loaded up with water bottles and headed for Hyannis.  First stop was at main street Hyannis.

A look up Main Street

Town Hall
Then we walked down to the harbor.

Small harbor but lots of boats in it.
In the harbor on the pier
 This is the only Lighthouse we got ver close to today.

Small harbor light house
The we headed back up to the main attraction.  The JFK Museum and Cape Code baseball Hall of Fame.   The visitors center was in the same building also.

Thanks Carol for the tickets 

One of the old campaign buttons
 There was a nice selection of memorabilia and lots of pictures of JFK, I found it pretty interesting.

Outside the roses were still blooming
After the museum we headed out to find more lighthouses.  We could see them but could not get close to them.  Seems they are in gated communities on private land.  Bummer we will try again tomorrow.  We also tried to get a look at the Kennedy Compound but the map program took us to the wrong spot.  We were close within a few thousand feet.  We can try again.

We found some nice beaches and enjoyed short walks on them but could not get close to the lighthouses.

Looking for Shells

More shell hunting
Since we did not have lunch and Bonnie has been wanting a lobster roll for weeks we decided to try a place called Seafood Sams.  It reminded me of a place like McDonald only for seafood.  It was very good and I would go back.

Picking up lunch/dinner
I had the butterfly shrimp

Bonnie's lobster roll
I did not get a picture but Carole had the salmon.

Since the sun was fading and it really cooled off we headed for the condo.  It was dark by 5pm.

Time to catch the end of the race, we missed the Bills losing game but my phone kept us up to date.

Bonnie is scrapbooking and I am ready for a short nap.  Thanks For Checking In.