Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Exploring Cape Cod


Today is the beginning of a busy week exploring this area.  We were up by 8 and I woke Bonnie around 9.  I think we were on the road by 10.  I will try to tell the story of the day in pictures.

It was raining when we left the condo.  Shortly down the road the Tire pressure alarm came on.  I put air in all the tires but the left rear was the lowest, not sure if there is a problem time will tell.  Since it was raining we headed to the Cape Cod Potato Chip factory.  They have a self guided tour, that was quite interesting.  They even use potatoes from our part of NY.  Today they were using Maine potatoes.

We are happier than we look
 This is a technique for wrapping rope that the US Live Saving service used to store line in a box that they could dump out and then pay it out.  This was a display at the US Park Services National Sea Shore Visitors Center.  While here we talked to one of the volunteers and he gave us a ton of information on what lights we could see from where.  Many are privately owned now and you can not get next to them.

Lots of line can be stored in a small space.
Just down the road we found our first lighthouse.

Nauset Light
 This is the light thats on the Cape Cod Potato chip bags.

Happy to finally be at a light house

This hut is where the first transatlantic cable terminated.
 The hut was built in 1893 and was restored in 2004.  The cable carried daily messages until wireless took over from just up the beach.

Next are the Three Sisters lights that have been moved here from near Chatham.  They could use a little restoration  but were built in 1892.

Three Sisters lights
 Next was the Cape Cod or Highland light.  Carol had called them earlier in the day and they stayed around to give us a tour, thanks Dan.

Yes its a bit chilly and windy.

Someone is happy to be inside a lighthouse

Up the last few stairs
This is a view from the lighthouse.  It was an Air Force base and part of the DEW line during the cold war.  There were three more radar domes then.  This one belongs to the FAA and is used to track transatlantic flights.


Carol and Dan
 Dan did a good job about telling us about the light and is President of the organization that preserves the lighthouse.  Dan thinks he worked back in the 70's with my BIL Joe on fuel cells.  The actual light belongs to the Coast Guard and they still maintain the light itself.

This is a distant shot of the Pilgrim monument in downtown Provincetown from the lighthouse.

A long shot

Bonnie shell hunting at sunset

Pilgram monument just before dark, with the lights on
These are a couple of long shots as the light faded.

Race Point light from a long ways off with 500mm lens

Wood End light
 The day went by way to quick and we ran out of light and came home in the dark.  We made a quick stop and get supplies and once home Carol made a nice delicious meal.

Day is done


Well its Election Day I sure hope you were able to vote.  We all voted before we left using absentee ballots.

Today we headed left out of the condo.  We were headed for Woods Hole.  Lots of traffic on the road getting there.  Bonnie was not feeling up to par and so we made a stop at a walk in clinic and pharmacy.

Interesting he is an Attorney and a M.D
Then our next stop was at a NOAA facility the Woods Hole Aquarium

Lots of research is done in Woods Hole

Harbor Seal

Lots of fishing vessels 

NOAA Research Vessel

Time for a little fun
Then we went to find the Nobska light built in 1828 it can be seen for 17 miles out at sea.  The Coast Guard area commander lives in the house.

Nobska lighthouse
We headed back in town and visited the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.  This is the group that found the Titanic.  We had trouble parking and parked in a 15 minute spot.  Once in the exhibit I asked about parking and they told me they had 2 spots so I was able to move the car and then we could take our time and look at the displays and watch the videos.

We decided to get something to eat and stopped at Pie in the Sky.  It was good but all the food here seems pretty expensive both eating out and in the super market.

It looked like we had time so we headed off the Cape and up to Plymouth.

Crossing off the cape

This canal cuts right through the cape

View from the water side of the Rock's home

Mayflower II at dock
One last stop in Plymouth.

The Jenney House

Quick stop for a fun shot

Jenny Grist Mill
 This door is from the Sparrow House which was built in 1640

Well the election results are on and we are going to watch the returns.


The election is over, now its time to support the ones elected and pray that they will all work together for the good of the country.

Its windy here on Cape Cod and the wind is to increase during the day into tonight.

Yes the wind continued to build and it started to rain around noon.  We headed up to Sandwich and first visited Pairpoint Glass factory

Watching the Glassblowers

Bonnie got to shop, she did not find any clearance items.
Then we headed over to the Sandwich Glass Museum.  Which we all found very interesting.  They have thousands of pieces on exhibit and a good movie, and a glass blowing demo.

The belly of the beast

Working on a snow globe.  A snowman in a globe

A box full of salt dishes in their original box.
It was early afternoon and we were hunger, so I checked Yelp and asked the receptionist at the front desk and we chose the Marshland Diner and Bakery for lunch.  They had a good selection and good looking desserts.  The folks here on the Cape seem to like their desserts.

Happy sisters

A sandwich in Sandwich, MA
 The food was good and filling.  We each picked out a dessert to go and headed towards the Condo.  It is a bit hard to see the ocean here because of all the houses.  We picked a private road into a development and pulled into the driveway of a rental cottage.  The ocean looks a little rough with all the wind, its in the 50's but the chill cuts right through you.

Sorry for the lack of color but it is really overcast, a real dreary day.

We are back at the Condo safe and sound for the evening.

Thanks for Checking In.