Sunday, November 18, 2012

Think and be Thankful


Thanksgiving is a week from today.  Give some thought to all that we have to be thankful for.
The sealer in the garage was dry and so I moved the Ranger and the tractor back into the garage.  I also filled the small snow blower and put it up on the deck.  Then I took down the flags and flagpole.  Looks like my flagpole got bent during Hurricane Sandy.  It is bent near the bottom so I guess the pole will be 18 inches shorter in the spring.

I did put out a couple of the driveway markers but ran out of time.  I changed clothes and headed in to Ray Lakes Honda to get the tire looked at.  They did find a nail in the tire and fixed it for 1/2 price since we could not say if it was delivered that way or it happened after we got home.  It was late afternoon when I got home so I was done outside for the day.  Bonnie was gone to her sisters and parents so I just took it easy.  I worked on a couple spreadsheets for the new RV and even got a few minutes nap.

Just heard from Bonnie she is on the way home.  Looking forward to a quiet night at home.


I was up and out the door early this morning.  The sun was to shine bright all day and I wanted to get the last of the concrete sealed.  So I moved the Coach up to in front of the garage.

All out of the way.
Then I loaded up the sprayer with sealer and went to work.

This is the first of five gallons
It did not take that long and the sun was nice and bright.  I washed up the tools and was finished.

All washed up
After a quick shower and a fiber bar for lunch I headed up to court for a couple hours.  Then back home by 2pm.  Dan and Clinton were coming to visit.  Dan I met in college and he is the one who introduced me to Bonnie over 41 years ago.  He was up from Maryland for the Bills game last night.  We had a nice visit until a little after 4.  Just as he pulled out we had another quick visit with Darren.  Then it was time to get ready to go out to eat.

We picked up Doug and Rosie and headed for the Cheesecake factory.  When we got there the wait was an hour and a half so we opted to go to the Italian Restaurant near by, sorry I can't remember the name.  The wait there was only 30 minutes.  We walked around the mall a bit and strolled into the Apple store to look at the iPad Mini.  Once back at the restaurant we picked up a pager and a couple minutes later our table was ready.  The food was very good and we all enjoyed it.  The waiter was friendly and provided excellent service.  We picked up some cheesecake at the Cheesecake factory for dessert and head to Cowlesville.  We stopped in to visit and share the cheesecake with Todd and Brittany.  We had a nice visit and got home with the clock head toward midnight.

Time to head to bed now we have a busy day tomorrow also.


Up at 7 this morning nice bright sunshine again.  Looking out the sealer looks dry on the pad, I will let it dry until we get home later today.  We are headed for a class at church and then a quick haircut and lunch with Bonnie's sister.  Bonnie is putting a turkey in the oven before we leave for a birthday dinner with her sister Donna.  Yep another full day.

Our class at church was good and we had a good time there.  Then we headed to Java Village and Carols.  Mom and Dad were there getting haircuts also.  After my haircut Carol made lunch and we enjoyed that.  Her grandson our grand nephew Jackson was there and we enjoyed time with him.  We even got to play Duck Duck Goose for a few minutes.

Then we headed home.  I moved the Coach back onto its spot while Bonnie put the finishing touches on the turkey dinner and cake for her sisters birthday dinner.

The phone rang and it was my sister.  She has a new grand daughter and we have a new grand niece, Margaret Jayne.  We are looking forward to meeting her in a few days.

Long story short, the turkey and the birthday cake were delicious.

Happy Birthday!
  Then we watched John Wayne in North to Alaska.


Up early this morning.  Ready to head to church and then home to rest up and take it easy.  Church was good a great sermon.  Then the plans changed.  We were invited out to lunch with Palmer and Sharon the couple Bonnie is going to Africa with.  So we headed into West Seneca for some good Chinese food and we talked for a few hours.

Then we headed home but the plans changed again.  Elizabeth had been behind us on the way to church and I noticed one of her headlights was not working.  So she bought new lamps and I needed to stop in and change them for her.  It turned out that it was not too bad of a job.  We did have to get out her owners manual to figure out how to do it.  We had to remove 3 easy bolts and one that was hard to get to.  But we got it done.

Got the whole unit out

Removed the old bulb being careful not to touch the glass
 I did drop the wrench once and we had to lay down under the car to fish it from off the top of the splash shield.  But we got it done and it worked.  Then she told me that she got wipers also and they were easy to change also.

Changed the wipers also
Finally we headed home and watched the end of the NASCAR race, final race of the season.  Congratulations to Brad Keselowski on his first championship.

Thats about it for this week.  We are off to meet our new grandnieces next week.

Thanks For Checking In.