Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Is this the week?


Up this morning, travel day.  Emma the cat was waiting for me when I came down stairs, she is not always friendly.

Go ahead make my day!
Its also the first day of gun deer season in Pennsylvania.  Joe was up at 4:30AM and headed for the woods.  We had our coffee and breakfast and hit the road around 9:30.  We did see a lot of cars and trucks part on the side of the roads near the woods.  Even on the Turnpike. We had a good drive home and stopped at Fox's a  family diner near Muncy, PA.  Joe did not get a deer but a friend did and shared with him so he has venison in the freezer.

I had the Patty Melt
Then a while later just before crossing back into New York we filled up with gas and saved about 16 cents a gallon.  As we got close to home the ground was covered with snow and we had a couple inches in the yard and on the back deck.  We found the top strip of siding hanging down on the garage and Bonnie and I fixed that, it appears we may have had some wind.  Then there was no water in the well, the system had lost pressure and the pump safety switch had kicked in.  Not sure what happened there.

We heard from Colton RV and the window is still not in, so our new date for picking up the new to us coach is now Thursday at 9:15am.  We did head over to Elizabeths for Thanksgiving left overs and they were all good.  While there I changed her water filter and tried to get some more of the lights on her tree to work, no luck with that.  We were home by 8 and watched a few of the recorded shows.  Its after midnight now and I am heading to bed.


We took it easy this morning.  I did make it up to court just before noon and Bonnie went to Warsaw to grocery shop and get a test done at the hospital.  I was gone a couple hours and then home.  I stopped to get the electric meter reading on the way home.

What do you think the reading is?
They read the meter every other month.  The other they estimate it if you do not send in a reading and yes you can email a picture.

Alexus called when she got home from work and Bonnie and I took her to Old Navy so she could return some things and exchange them for others.  Then we headed to WW, I stayed the same and Bonnie lost a little.  Then over to Elizabeths for Gyros and a little family time.

Finally home and watched some more recorded TV.  Time to hit the hay now.


Woke up before it was really light out.  As soon as it was light out I could see that it is snowing.  By l1 we had an inch or more of new stuff.  The forecast for next Tuesday is 57 degrees.  Wish it was that today and for the next couple weeks.  We got a call that the coach is ready, the window is finally in and all systems are go.  I made a few calls and set up the insurance to switch over to the new coach as of tomorrow.  I turned on the refrigerator and started the big engine and let it run for a while.  So it is all aired up and should be ready to go in the morning.

I put up new curtain rods in the living room for Bonnie and she put up new curtains in the front window.  Then a couple friends stopped by for me to sign reference letters for them.  One even brought us some Venison hot dogs which Bonnie plans to cook for supper.  I think the snow finally stopped and it is still right at 32 degrees out so it will not melt overnight.

We received this in our email today.  Its our Grand Daughter.

They grow up way to fast.
Well its Wednesday night, thanks for checking in.  Hope to have some pictures of the new coach tomorrow.