Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving and we are headed home


I was first up this morning again.  Elizabeth was up shortly afterward and she fixed eggs, french toast, and sausage for breakfast.  The others were up in time to eat and it was really good.

I really needed a hair cut and we had bought some clippers yesterday so today was the day.  I must say it turned out really good.

First time cutting my hair
Bonnie started some wash and then we headed out to go to Orange City to pick up some oranges and grape fruit.  While we were out I did get a text with an offer from a friend to clean out our driveway, but I think it will be ok by the time we get home Saturday night.

A local landmark
Several activities at the resort today and one was Gatorland bringing over some animals for the kids to hold.

A bearded blizzard

A Boa

Well I guess we are all tired and wanted to rest up for the trip home as we did not do much else today.  We were going to do an activity tonight but I think everyone is planning to go to bed early instead.  I hope to be on the road by 7am.  We have a long driving day tomorrow and the next day also.  Younger folks do it in a day but not us anymore.  I just preloaded the big suitcases in the car and its already looking pretty full.  We will load the rest in the morning.  Its still pretty nice hear but I see there is a lake effect snow advisory at home.


We were all up and we pulled out of the resort at 7:03am after we finished packing.  We started the trip with prayer and I am happy to say that we had an uneventful day, no accidents, light traffic and we arrived just after dark.  We did see between 50 and 100 deer on the side of the road but they were happy to just eat the grass.   I caught pictures of all the states except Georgia did not cooperate.

Finally some hills we have been in flat country along time

Just as it got dark
 Checkin at the Days Inn went well and then we walked over to Shoney's.  We chose the buffet for speed, I would not do that again.  It looked nice and a great variety but other than the pickled beets not that good.  Everyone went back to the room I went over and filled up the gas tank at $3.09.  That will get us to Pennsylvania which I think is cheaper than W. VA. Then we will be back in NY.  There is some snow on the ground here and lots of rock salt on the side walks.

The beets were good.
Its only 8:30 but I am headed off to bed.  Bonnie has been there for a while, we all took turns driving today so the day went quickly.  I can hear the TV in the next room so I hope they get sleepy soon.


We were up, car loaded, and at breakfast at 6am when they opened.  We had a bite to eat and were on the road at 6:15am.  We are hoping to get home before dark in case the driveway needs cleaned out.  We made a stop at the new river bridge and tried to recreate a picture we took 5 1/2 years ago.

Taken April 2008
Poor light conditions today.
We had to sneek in as this area is run by the National Park Service and they were not open yet.

We added footprints to the many on the boardwalk
We seemed to make more stops today but we still made good time and before too awful long we passed West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Finally New York.  And look what Greeted us.

First sign even before the Welcome Sign.
 As you can see in the pictures there was more snow the further north we went.  We dropped off the girls around 3:30 and headed to the house.  Our driveway was not too bad, maybe 6 inches.  We were able to drive right in, I could tell we drove over a couple down branches and one tree is down along the side of the driveway.  (Bill let me know if you are interested its not in the way just off the side of the driveway).  I can see other trees down in the woods.  Total miles today 548 and Total for the trip 3322.

View from the garage
 A lot of the snow had melted in front of the garage, it gets a lot of sun.  We loaded up the Ranger and I drove it around back, but there is about 8 inches of snow on the back deck.  So plan B unload it at the front door.  Then I went in the house with Bonnie and turned up the heat and changed clothes.

Unloaded at the front door
 Then put on my Carharts and headed out to clean the driveway.  The snow was perfect for packing and it did pack the chute of the blower numerous times, put I got it basically cleaned.  Had to stop and pick up some branches from the driveway.  Shear pins do not like big branches.

Stopped to pick up branches
As soon as I moved the snow the wet driveway froze, it will be slippery in the morning.  We will finish cleaning up in the morning but at least we can get out for church.

Well time to rest up and catch up on the DVR recordings after some soup for supper.


Today was a pretty slow day.  We were up early and headed for church.  I help in the video booth and had to be there early today for rehearsal and then church.  We picked up the girls and they dropped me off at church and then went shopping before church.  After church we headed home and I went right to cleaning the 8 inches of snow off the back deck and cleaning up a little around the house.

We took it easy the rest of the day, I did go out once and drove a few more stakes along the driveway so I know where the edges are.  Then we just caught up on the recorded TV.  The driveway is looking a lot better than yesterday.

Some melting taking place today
Well thats about it for this week so I will get this posted.  We are making plans for some travel next year so stayed tuned.

Thanks For Checking In!

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