Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Putting the Coach In Storage


I had made arrangements yesterday to put the Coach in storage this morning.  It was in the mid 40s when I went out and started up and checked out the coach for the short 18 mile trip to Copeland's Storage in Gainesville.  I had one low tire, same one was low in the Spring but has been good all summer, it was down to 84 so its a very slow leak.  I got out the Sears compressor and pumped it up to 100.

Getting ready to move to storage
The big CAT fired right up but the Check Engine Light did flash for a couple minutes but then stopped and was fine the rest of the time.  We got to Copeland's and backed into the bay and signed the paperwork and check.  After a brief visit we headed home, I had some paperwork to do and Bonnie fixed a big lunch.  Just going to relax a bit and then head to court.

Finally home after 5 hours up at court, busy night and more to come tomorrow.  We have our first Freeze Warning for tonight, its 32 now and may go down into the 20s.  Looks like we got the Coach into storage at the right time.  Thats it for tonight.


Got up and dressed before I left the bedroom this morning. Headed for court at 9am and got back home at 2pm.  Bonnie made me a bowl of chili and then I headed outside.  I fired up the cyclone rake and picked up 7 loads of heavy wet leaves.  Then unhooked the cyclone rake and cut the front yard.  The sun was below the trees and it was cooling off fast.  I jumped on the tractor and pushed the leaves over the bank.

7 more loads added to the pile
I think thats the last I will need the loader, so I took it off and put it at the end of the RV parking pad.  I hope to put the blower on the tractor in the next few days.

Off for the winter stored where I can get it in an emergency.
One last thing to do.  We collected the trash and took it and the recycle bin out to the road for tomorrows pick up.

Bonnie made supper and now we can relax for the evening.


Up early this morning, Happy Birthday Elizabeth.  Bonnie picked up here sister and took her for her hip replacement, she is doing well.  I went to the Mission with Elizabeth and volunteered there today. We are both home now and all is going well.

Once home I fired up my new snowblower and checked it out.

All ready to go
Then a short time later a friend came and picked up the 17 year old one we bought in Virginia.

This has served me well.
So thats it for the first part of this week.

Thanks For Checking In!

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