Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day - Still Visiting in Alabama


Thanks to all the Great Men and Women that have served our Great Country and Gone on to their Rewards.

The smell of fresh coffee first woke me this morning so I knew it was some time after 8am.  I finally got up just before 9.  My son called and invited us to go to a pool party at a friend of theirs but we decided to just take it easy today.  After Bonnie got up we went out and taped up cracked sealant under the living room slide to hopefully keep water out of the bays if it rains hard.  That was pretty easy and only took about 15 minutes.  Then I moved some of the electronics for the video and audio and was able to re route the cables so now both TVs work at the same time and they both have good clear pictures.

Antenna TV was running a lot of the old war movies today and we watched a couple of them.  Bonnie took off to go shopping during the movies and I think, judging from what she spent she had a good time.

Lots of bags

Lots of goodies
After she put stuff away we put the new mattress pad on the bed that she had picked up.  Then I finally got the shower I have needed all day.  I feel a lot cleaner and fresher now.  In the high 80s today and that spawned a few storms but they went north and south of us.  We did get a couple gusts and a very few drops of rain.  I got to chat on line with my sister for a good while and now I am going to just relax and watch a little TV.


No alarm to wake us this morning and we slept well on our new mattress pad.  We took our time and read email and made some calls about future campsites.  We also were planning to take the girls and pick strawberries today, but seems that yesterday was the end of the local picking season.  We did find a stand that had fresh berries but he said they were going fast and when they were gone they would be gone.  So we got moving and made it in time to buy the last berries he had left.  We dropped them off at Ashley and Robby's.  Tomorrow Bonnie will prepare them and make strawberry shortcake for dessert, with the girls help.

We took Reagan with us to go look at some motorhomes over at Bankston's.

But first a stop for an ice cone for Reagan.  I did have a subway sandwich since it was lunch time.

The Tiki Hut
 Reagan is 4 but she knew how to give directions to get here.

Looks like she is enjoying it.

The spoon was this color

Until dipped in the cold ice, then it turned colors.
We finished without a big mess and headed to the RV Dealer.  Gene the older salesman we had talked to a couple years ago was still there and we had a nice visit with him.  They did not have any used inventory so we ended up looking at a couple new units.  They are nice and we will keep them in mind in a couple years, once they get a little age on them.  Let the first owner get them in shape.

Back to the kids house and we visited for a while, I took Gracie to dance and then we came back to the rig.  Bonnie made supper and now we can relax a little before bed.

Well Bonnie threw in a load of wash and I dished up a little Blue Bunny ice-cream, guess we are Living the Dream.


Wow the week has gone quickly and today is our last full day in Alabama.  Tomorrow we will start heading North East and slowly work our way Home to NY.  Strawberries are on the agenda for today.  We had some hard rain last night but the storms all seemed to miss us.

We made it over to the house before noon and made a little lunch.  Then Bonnie put the berries on cookie sheets in the freezer to firm up and get ready to pack.

Lots of big berries
We set up the Food Saver to vacuum seal the berries for the freezer.

Food saver worked good
The Food Saver worked good and we were done in short order.

All packed and in the freezer
Still to come strawberry shortcut, which we actually have on home made biscuits.

Robby made pizza on the grill for supper and Bonnie made the biscuits for the strawberry shortcake.  Both were very very good.  While Robby was doing the pizza on the grill be got a lot of heavy rain.  Robby had a neighborhood board meeting to go to and we waited for him to get home.  Then we said our goodbyes.  We took Gracie with us and dropped her off at a friends house for an overnight visit.  Then we headed tot he rig.  Its very wet out around the rig and I am hopeful it dries some by morning.  Bonnie started a load of wash and hopefully we will get to bed early so we can get on the road mid morning.  Its been a quick week and we have had a good visit, but its time to start working our way back towards home.

We did get one last dance from Reagan before we left.  What a cutie.  Constant motion and sound.

Thanks For Checking In!

"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Just Not Big Enough"