Sunday, May 4, 2014

Final Push


Wet out this morning but at least it is not raining.  I got a sore throat last night and it is difficult to swallow this morning sure hop I am not getting sick.  The sun did not last all that long and the dark clouds rolled in.

Bonnie went into East Aurora to some shopping and pick up some RXs before we leave,  I took a load of stuff out to the coach and unpacked some of the linens out of the storage tubs, then brought the empties into the house.

I also got the batteries changed in the tire inflator for the coach and put that back in.

All set to go with spares now.
I am sick, post nasal drip, more like river running down the back of my throat, signing off for tonight.


Miserable night, I did not sleep much thought I was drowning.  Still sick today.


Much better night of sleep.  Woke up this morning and I think I am a lot better.  Not 100% but the mucus is not flowing down the back of my throat.  It was sunny then it rained hard and now the sun is out again.  Hopefully we can load a lot of our clothes and food into the coach today.

Well I felt worse as the day went on.  It rained off and on all day.  At times the sun would come out and then it would rain again.  Bonnie washed all the sheets and we made the beds.  We did get to take one tub of my stuff out to the coach.

First load out to the coach
We put stuff away in the coach and made the bed out there.  We grabbed the mail and shortly after we came back in it rained and rained hard.  I had rice krispies for supper for the second night in a row.
Thats about it for today I am headed to bed early again.  Hoping tomorrow I feel better all day.


Slept pretty good a good 10 hours.  Still coughing etc this morning so I decided I should stay home and not subject the church to my coughing and hacking.  Think I will take some medicine and go lay down for a while.

I listened to a podcast from my sisters church as I tried to rest.  I got up expecting Bonnie to be home any minute.  Nope got a text from Alexus that Bonnie was staying for lunch.  I did tune in the NASCAR race from Talladega .  Bonnie brought home some lunch and I ate part of that.  Still not much of an appetite and it is hard to swallow.

After the race we took 5 or 6 tubs out to the coach and put them away.  I also put the sensors for the tire pressure on the car.  One had a low battery and so I changed it.  Except for a few odds and ends and hopefully my feeling better we should be ready to hit the road in the morning.

Please keep us in you prayers as we travel.

Thanks For Checking In!

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