Wednesday, May 7, 2014

On The Road Again


Well we took our time leaving this morning and finally hit the highway at 10:15.  We did not need to stop for fuel or anything and we had no trouble all day.  We traveled about 280 miles to the Gotta Getaway RV Park near Bellevue, OH.  One end of our air supply for the car brake came loose and got chewed up so we will have to replace that.  Going to take it easy now.  I am still not 100%.
Here is the view out the front window.

Thats a pond through the trees
Time to get some rest now.


Up this morning and we packed up to leave.  Only about 140 miles to do today.  Then the coach would not start.  From reading the Beaver forum I was pretty sure it was the ignition relay.

Ignition relay 85A continuous duty.
When I went out to check it it started working.  This is a common point of failure.  It acted up some today but always  ended up working.  So I have a couple days to find a replacement and replace it.  It is nothing special.

We then drove about 40 miles to the Speedco in Perrysburg.  I forgot to take any pictures.  But the seemed pretty professional.  I found out the previous owner had used Speedco in PA. the last time it was serviced.  We had to pull in the exit so that was a little strange.  The we drove about 100 miles to Twin Mills CG and are staying here under our Coast to Coast membership.  This is a big nicely kept CG.  We are parked next to Bill and Kris.  This is the first we have meet but read each others blogs and they are part of the group we are going to Alaska with.

We visited for an out or so and I was feeling worse and worse.  So we said good by and we finished setting up.  I skipped supper again tonight.  This is the first time I can remember not having an appetite, I sure will be glad when I feel better.  I caught up on some paperwork and now I am headed to bed.


Sleep pretty good last night, Bonnie moved to the couch since my coughing and hacking were keeping her awake.  She said it was comfortable.  I felt a little better this morning.  I have not eaten much for a few days and was starving.  I made oatmeal and ate about 1/2 of it when my body decided to get rid of it, that was quick.  I did not feel bad so a while later I ate the other half and it decided to stay down.  Then a couple hours later I ate the soup that Bonnie had gotten me for lunch yesterday.  So far so good.

I think we are going to go out and try to find the part I need and look at a big RV surplus store.  We headed north into Michigan and found Bontragers's  RV Surplus.  What an assortment of parts and pieces.  They did not have a solenoid and there was so much visual stimulation I had to head for the car.  I did pick up some short screws I may need to install the MCD shades.

Back on the road we headed for NAPA.  Low and behold they had an ST85 solenoid so I picked one up and we headed back down to the campground.  One quick stop at Wendy's for a small Frosty.

I had to muster up some ambition which I finally did and got ready to change the solenoid.

Almost everything I needed
I turned the main 12v switches off and then removed the bad part.  I had taken pictures so I knew how it went back in.

This is where it resides
The new part was the exact same size and it slipped right in.  I turned on the power and had Bonnie turn the switch, everything worked and the voltages all checked out.  So we are good to go on Friday I think.

I opened up the old part to see what it looked like inside.

Looks good on top
 The large copper washed on top gets pulled down on to the contacts when activated.  Now for the problem area.  The input contact is corroded, pitted and has carbon on the contacts.  I did take it apart and cleaned it up some.

Burnt contact on the left side.
I reassembled it and will keep it as a spare just in case.

Time to get this sent.  I have no energy so am hoping to get a good nights sleep and wake up feeling much better.

Thanks For Checking In!

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