Sunday, May 11, 2014

On to Boot camp


Today is our last day here tomorrow morning we move over to the Elkhart 4-H Fairground in Goshen.  We have to be through the gate by noon.  Then the Boot camp starts at 3pm.

Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes for my return to good health.  I did get some antibiotics today and have started on them.  We headed for Elkhart today to have lunch with John and Kathy.  We followed Kris and Bill and went straight to the King Wha.  Kathy and John pulled in right next to us.  We had a good lunch and I am starting to have an appetite so I ate a large bowl of hot and sour soup, no problems.  While at lunch John learned that his small leak in the coach was a pinhole leak in his 10year old water heater.  Since his coach was at Master Tech and they carry hoses for our braking system we followed him down there.  I was able to get the hose cheaper than from the manufacturer so we have a new hose now.  Boy it turned hot today, 88 in the shade and the car at one time read 93.

We left Kathy and John and headed for NEXUS, they make and sell direct class B and class C motorhome.  We were interested in the Ghost.  It had some really nice features but I do not think it is for us.  The bathroom sink and the shower are just not the size we like.  So I have crossed that one off my list for down sizing.  I told Tim thanks for his time, that I was not feeling well and headed for the car.

When we got back to the campground we had new neighbors.  Bill and Vickie new full timers, they will be joining us at the Escapade after we finish boot camp.  They are from PA and are just returning from a winter in Florida.  We enjoyed our visit with them.

I hungry for some supper which is a good thing as I have not been hungry for several days, very unusual for me.  So I had a sandwich and some cottage cheese.

I have been keeping track of our friends Bob and Caroline, they had there new CRV set up for towing today, it was a long day but they are home now.  Well I am off to bed as we want to pull out of here by 9 or so in the morning.


The rain woke me early this morning along with the thunder.  I managed to roll over and sleep until the alarm went off.  I feel somewhat better this morning.  We ate some breakfast and then packed up, disconnected and pulled out.  Bill and Kris left before us.  I did not hear them until they started the engine.  Our other neighbors pulled out just in front of us, I actually waited for them to pull out since it made it easier for me.  We did not hook up and Bonnie followed me in the car for the 40 minute trip.

In line after the rain.
The line was about 30 minutes long to park, they are training a new parking crew.  We actually are parked with in a spot or two of where I parked several years ago when I was at a maintenance session.  The guys pulled me in to close to a tree and then decided to move me over a little.

Bonnie and I finished setting up and then headed up to register for Boot Camp.  Then we came back and had a little lunch.  The training started at 12:30 and we finished up just before 7pm tonight.  A storm front went through just before we got out of class, I sure am glad it did not rain that hard very long.  The fairground has WiFi but its already overloaded so we our back using our hot spot.

Bonnie fixed some supper and now its time to get some rest.  We start at 7am again tomorrow.  Tomorrow we will be provided a breakfast and dinner, with an hour for lunch on our own.

Our neighbors went out to eat and they have two small dogs.  When they are not home they are yappy dogs, thankfully they were not gone too long.


Bonnie was up at 6am and the alarm woke me at 6:30.  If I were to write a little about everything we learned today I would be up all night.  To summarize we learned a lot about RV systems, RV travel, and RV safety.  It was a busy day but we did get almost 2 hours for lunch and a short nap.  Then back to class for the afternoon.  The last class of the day was Fire safety and it was done by Mac The Fire Guy.

Boy the powder extinguishers make a mess
Stove top fry pan fire

Non-Toxic foam, No fuss no mess

This one was really roaring

Once again the fire is out

Thanks Mac good information
 Guess who is signed up for driving school.

This will be next week
After the fire demo we had a very nice catered dinner and they a brief discussion on full-timing.  I headed back to the rig first and Bonnie was not far behind.  I am feeling a lot better for still very tired all the time.  So I am heading off to bed.  P.S. I talked to the neighbor with the yappy dogs she said they were getting new batteries for their anti-bark collars.  But she did thank me for letting her know.


HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!  We were back in class at 7am good thing breakfast was the first thing on the list.  The morning went quickly and we had an extended lunch.  Today is early checkin day for the Escapade so lots of rigs are pulling in.  I heard almost 600 rigs are registered.  After lunch we had a good seminar on Tire Safety and then one last chance to ask questions before we graduated.

Any last questions

We made it
So we are now graduates of Boot Camp for RVers.  I headed back to the rig, Bonnie took a short walk and then came back.  I was surprised to see out neighbors in the Winnebago View had already left.  They are from back home in Tonawanda.  The 5th wheel behind me is from NY also, Manhattan right now but he grew up in Perry, NY not far from us.  Wow small world.  Bonnie threw in a load of wash so its our second time using the washer, looks like it survived the winter.

Update on the neighbors with the dogs.  They have a beautiful 2014 Winnebago Tour 40 some feet.  They almost burned it down the other night by piling cookie sheets and hot pads on the induction cooktop.  Lots of smoke but they caught it in time.  Well today he actually started up the big diesel to get enough air pressure to pump up their bike tire.  That big ole engine ran for 15 minutes to air up a couple bike tires.  So I shut the windows and put on the air.  Then I looked out and he is setting up a good size pressure washer to clean the dust off the two bikes.  What ever happened to a hand tire pump, and a bucket and sponge.

I am ready to do some good relaxing and enjoy the evening.  Bonnie made hamburgers for supper and I think we have the washer/dryer combo finally drying.  Now if the door will just unlock when it is done.  Looks like a fun week now that Boot Camp is over, lots to see and do but at a more leisurely pace.

Thanks For Checking In!

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