Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Escapade wraps up


It rained and rained last night and the temperature dropped into the 40's.  Our roof top ac units are also heat pumps and they did a good job of keeping us comfortable.  Bonnie left first again for the seminars and I followed about an hour later.  I attended a Geeks on Tour class on Google Maps.

Chris and Jim Guld
Then was in the same Photo class as Bonnie but we did not see each other until the end.  She seemed to be enjoying meeting a new friend.

Bonnie and a new friend in the photo class
Bonnie and I then went over to get something to eat and also joined the Geeks on Tour for a years access to all their online tutorials, which came with a thumb drive with all the current one already loaded.  Bonnie is going to try watching them.  They ran out of chicken when we got in line for lunch but they came in with more a double minutes later.  After lunch we went back to our seminars mine was on Cloud Computing.  After that I headed for the rig to relax and clean up a little.

We did run the Hydro Hot heat a little, two woman came to the door and told Bonnie it was blowing black smoke and wanted to make sure it was ok, I was in the shower and it was fine when I went out and looked just some steam which later quit also.  But for now the heat pumps are working we will see what happens over night.  I think if it gets too cold the Hydro Hot should come on.

We headed for the 7pm door prize give away, no one we knew one.

Sound board is ready where are the techs

Waiting for the door prizes to start

Finally the door prizes 
We were to meet John and Kathy there but they were not feeling well after eating supper so sent me a message they were staying in.  After the door prizes it was time for Ham-O-Rama.  Club members auditioned earlier this week and the top acts were on stage tonight.  Mark our Boot Camp leader was the Emcee.  He is in a small Class C and is headed to Alaska from here.  He even had a TUX but forgot his good shoes.

Let the show begin
They were all very talented and we really enjoyed it.  One was a retired FBI agent that may have been in Chicago just before I was.  He told severally funny stories  in the first person.  The hit of the night was a young lady with 6 kids and #7 looked like she could appear anytime now.  She also was a music singer and wow could she sing.  It was a familiar song from Carmen.  She got the only standing ovation.

After the show we headed back to the rig to relax a little and then get a good nights sleep.  Tomorrow is the last day of Escapade but we will be here until Monday.


Today was the last day of Escapade.  I took it easy this morning while Bonnie went to a couple of classes.  I did a load of wash.  After I put the Melaleuca Brightener in I discovered there was no soap.  So the load just had brightener.  It did not look to bad.  Bonnie got here in time for lunch and we took it easy.  We checked on our friend Kathy and she is still under the weather, hope she feels better soon.

Then we headed up for the closing session and grand prize drawings.  I made a quick stop at the fairgrounds office and extended our stay for 2 days.  We did not win the Grand Prize of a 10day Caravan Tour, nor the free Balloon Festival HOP.  But the volunteer prize was won by our friend John Huggins.  He won a Wave 3 Catalytic heater for his coach.

We had talked to Jim the 5th Wheel parked in front of us and he is moving his rig tonight so we can get out in the morning.  We needed to head to town for some laundry soap and groceries so we took off.
Where is the Crunchy Honey Roasted Peanut Butter
Then we stopped at Arby's for supper, it really was not very good.  When we got back Jim had his rig moved and we chatted a couple minutes with him.  Then I dis connected our sewer and water hose so we are ready to go in the morning for Bonnie's driving school.  It will be much cooler in the morning and the hoses were all ready stiff.  I just have the electric to do in the morning.

We hope to be at Cave City, KY on Monday and I made reservations there.

Well time now to get some rest.


We were up way to early this morning.  Today was Bonnie's first day of driving school.  Don her instructor was here right at 8am.  We had just finished closing up the slide and preparing to hit the road.  We did a walk around, tested the air brakes and got a little instruction on hand signals.  Then Bonnie took the wheel and I backed her out of our parking spot.  We spent quite a bit of time here in the fairgrounds practicing the tight turns on the corners.

Bonnie and Don from the RV Driving School
Checking to see if the rig was centered on the road
Then we headed out to a parking lot.  Don set up cones and we practiced backing up into spaces following hand signals.  We both got a chance to do the directing and driving.

Then out on to the open highway.
Bonnie was behind the wheel for almost 4 hours and the time went quickly.  We headed back to the campground and I directed Bonnie back into our spot.  We had to move up a little later after our neighbor left.  Then after we hooked up the power, water and electric it was time to relax a bit.

Time to relax
I planned our route for Monday and Bonnie checked her computer.  Our friends were still not feeling well so we decided to use the Pizza Hut prize Bonnie won at one of the nightly drawings.  Turned out to be take out only so we ordered a pizza and went back to the rig.  Bonnie started another load of wash and we enjoyed the pizza.  Was hoping to watch NASCAR tonight put looks like it is only on FOX sports.  I tried to put up the Tire Pressure repeater but did not have the right connectors.  So decided to write the blog and relax a little.  We get to sleep in tomorrow.

Blue Skies finally 


We got up after 8:30 this morning thats more like it.  Bonnie had put a load of wash in as we went to bed and that was dry this morning, so I think she is figuring out the combo washer/dryer.  We took it easy and said good-by to some of the new friends we have met here as they pulled out.  The I spotted Sam and his dog Riggens.  I read his blog and I got to say hello but they were packing up so I did not bother him but to say hello.

Then I took my time and unhooked and got ready for Bonnie's driving lesson.  Don called and said he was going to be here about 2pm.  I had the tires and the oil all checked and after a walk around we were ready to pull out.

Today we drove some of the back roads of Goshen around a detour, then the busy streets of, then headed up to the interstates.

Headed out of town
Up at speed on the Interstate
Bonnie did good and Don only had a few comments today to "Tweak" a few of the things that she was doing.  Then on to the back farm roads and we worked our way back to the Fairground.  No problems today and the lessons were over except for the paperwork

Just a little paperwork
Bonnie did great and Passed with flying colors.  We are both very happy that we stayed and did the driving school.  I rode a long and learned a lot also.  Thanks Don and the RV Driving School.

Our friends are still not feeling well so we stay in and ate some left over Chicken and corn it was good.  Bonnie is doing another load of wash and we are watching a little TV.  The weather was beautiful today, did not need the heat pump or AC.

Going to post this now.  Tomorrow we head South to Kentucky.

Thanks For Checking In!

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