Sunday, August 31, 2014

Summer is coming to an end


Cool and crisp this morning.  I hope to get the overflow hose installed on the coach this morning and will also start up the refrigerator so we can start to load up for our New England trip.  We are also getting ready for the long Labor Day weekend.  Here in WNY that signals the end of summer.   The kids go back to school and people close up their pools.  By the time we return the leaves will be falling and we be be thinking about winterizing the coach.

I went out late this morning to finish up the overflow hose.  I got the tools and parts together and looked over the situation.

Start of the drain install
I was able to drill a hole through the floor from the outside in as there was no room for the drill inside.  To get clearance I had to trim down the 90 degree elbow.  But in the end I was successful.

All Hooked up
I then sealed up all the old holes and around the new tubing with RTV.  Then I added a little antifreeze to the engine.  I fired up the AquaHot on diesel and then decided to take the coach around the block to get it up to temperature and pressure.  The trip around the block ended up being 24 miles.  Everything came up to temperature and checked out.  So we should be ready to go.

Bonnie had left for Warsaw before I got back she was going to pick up some engine antifreeze and a radiator cap.  She ended up going to NAPA 3 times.  I even talked to them on the phone explaining that I needed HD plane jane green antifreeze.  They said ok we got it.  So what did they send with Bonnie extended life organic acid based antifreeze.  Now we have the expense of returning it.  The good news is that the new radiator cap fit.

Bonnie left almost as soon as she got home to stay with her Dad this evening so her mother can have an evening out.  I talked to my son, daughter in law, and granddaughters for almost an hour.  Also my daughter a couple times regarding getting her internet modem replaced tomorrow.  Not sure I can help as UPS freight is to pick up the old HydroHot tomorrow.

Bonnie got home a little after midnight, I am still up.  Now we are off to bed.


I did not sleep that well last night even though it is nice and cool.  Up this morning and now waiting on a UPS freight truck to pick up the old HydroHot.

I worked a little in the garage mixing the extra boiler coolant so it is 50/50 by using the refractometer.

My make shift lab
So I mixed up 2 gallons worth and then cleaned up.  I checked my email and still not Bill of Lading for sending the old unit back.  I called Roger and he said he had sent it.  I got one email from him today but not the Bill of Lading.  So I checked my spam folder online in my online earthlink account and there it was.  Once I printed it out I noticed that both our address and phone number were not correct on it.  So my guess is I will not see the unit picked up today.  I notified Roger and he called in the corrections.  I stayed at the house until just before 5, no truck showed up.  Bonnie was over helping at her parents again.

I left for Warsaw to exchange the antifreeze.  Have you bought antifreeze lately.  Not sure how many different kinds there are but there are many.  I was looking for one with a ASTM Spec of 4985.  I found it and it is for heavy duty diesel engines.  The bottle is labeled as for cars and light duty trucks. But since it meets the standards I should be ok.  Its quite a trip to get into Warsaw now since there is a detour in effect as they are working on 20A in the village.  Bonnie called as I was heading home and she is headed home also.  Looks like I am doing chicken on the grill for supper.

The chicken turned out good and we spent the evening relaxing and now off to bed early.


Another nice cool night and boy did I sleep good.  Got up after 8 hours of sleep and caught up on blogs and emails.  I headed outside.  I finally decided to wash the rig.  I have been asking for help all summer but the others always had something else more important to do.  Its hard on my shoulders but it had to be done.  I could not stand the film on it anymore.  I started around noon.  One side and the back were in the shade so I started there.  By the time I finished that the other side was in the shade.

Wow this thing is big
By the time I finished the second side the front was being shaded by a tree in the yard.  I got the bug scrubber out and cleaned off most of the bugs on the front of the coach and washed the windshield.  Finally finished.

Nice and shiny
I dried the windows and finally it was time to move it back to its spot.

back in her spot
We should be ready to load up and head out on Wednesday.  The grass needs cut so I will hop on the mower and start cutting the grass.  I finished the front and decided it was time for some food and a break.  I almost took to long of a break but got back out on the mower and finished up.  I did notice a lot of leaves on the ground it sure seems early for that.  I am soaking wet so all my clothes went straight into the washer and I went straight into the shower.  Wow that felt good, but I am still not cooled down that may take a while.

Headed for the washing machine
Bonnie had me grill some sausage on the grill for supper and then it was finally time to relax.  I am really beat, turns out today was one of the hottest days of the year, I think I need to drink a lot of water tonight.


I heard it rain a couple times during the night.  Must have been hard as it woke me up.  When I checked the gauge it showed about 1/3 of an inch.  We got going and headed to church.  Today was youth Sunday as it is the 5th Sunday.  It was good to hear whats been going on with the youth.  Alexus was even up on the platform, she did a really good job.

After church we headed for Firemans Field in East Aurora, the same place we camped a few weeks ago.  It was a Firetrucks and Food Truck event and fund raiser.  We had lunch there.  I had a burrito and Bonnie had a Taco Salad.  My back has been hurting me the past couple of days and I stayed in the car while Bonnie picked out our lunch.

From there we headed in to Buffalo RV to see our friend Ron who is working there now and to look at some of the Jayco rigs.  While nothing really spoke to us and it sure was humid.  So we headed home in a light rain and now maybe I can get in a nap.  Well I got the nap and now I am wide awake for the NASCAR race.

Thats about it for this week.

Thanks For Checking In!

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” 
― Albert Einstein