Saturday, November 3, 2018

Medical Monday


First a bit about Sunday.  We of course went to church, then home for a couple hours.  Then we headed for downtown Huntsville.  Some time back I bought tickets to see the Newsboys band, a pop Christian band.  They are the band from the Gods Not Dead Movie.  Also the lead singer Michael Tate is Bonnie's Granny Crush.  Some how I bought Premium Tickets, I was just looking for "good" seats.

So that got us in an hour early.  During that hour there was a 30 minute question and answer time with the band.  That itself was really good.  It gave a lot of insight into each of them as individuals, I enjoyed it and would do it again.

We were about 12 rows back so had a good view.  After the Q&A the people in the very front got to go back stage and meet the band and get a picture taken.  So right on time Adam Agee came out and opened up with a couple songs.  Then he acted as the Master of Ceremonies the rest of the evening.

Then the band Zealand came out for several songs.  They are lead by Phil Joel one of the former members of the Newsboys.

Phil is also part of this Newsboys United band.  The sixth member is Peter Furler the founder of the band and former lead singer.  The band played 29 songs.  Michael Tate and Peter Furler each sang lead on about half the songs.  Duncan Philips the drummer is a show himself.  He puts his all into every beat.  His drum kit also elevates and spins, then flips 90º and spins.  Search him on Google its quite the feat.  So needless to say we enjoyed the concert and traffic was not too bad it being a Sunday night.

Now Medical Monday
We were up this morning and headed to Athen for our Dr appointments.  The office was busy and we had to drive around the block and wait for someone to leave to get a parking spot.  Finally we made it into the exam room.  Yes we now go in together.

Dr. A came in a short time later and we went over the lab results and chatted about our concerns and hers.  We never real rushed with her and we both like her.  Then she gave us a RX for the new two shot shingles vaccine, we made an appointment for 4 months and headed out.  We dropped the RX off at CVS.  The vaccine is backordered around the country and they told us to expect it sometime in January.

Once home we got the mail and the County Tax bill had come, the amount was as expected.  Bonnie asked the Dr for a referral for our eye exam.  So I called the Dr and got us both appointments in November.

So I was a little sore from yesterday but not too bad at all.  Now for the Voice.


Happy Birthday to my Favorite Daughter can't wait to see you.

I got up and had my breakfast before the Apple Event from New York started.  They announced a bit update to the MacBook Air, and MacMini today.  Then the updated iPad Pro, which was really impressive.

After that we had our semi annual meeting with our financial advisor.  Since he is in NY we did it using FaceTime.  This is the second time we did it this way and it worked well.  Now we just need the markets to turn around.

After that Bonnie headed to her scrapbook group.  I worked some more on sorting my stuff, and took some of it back to the garage and put it away in the cabinet.  Then I vacuum marinated a couple thick pork chops for supper.

Once Bonnie got home we headed to Reagan's soccer game.

This was the first playoff game, sadly we lost.  The girls have improved so much this fall and I really have enjoyed watching them improve.

It was dark when we got home so I lit the grill and then took out the trash tote for tomorrows pick up.  Then a little seasoning on the pork chops and on to the grill.  I seared them and got some nice grill marks.

Once they got up to an internal temp of 145 I pulled them off the grill and took them in.  Bonnie fixed some mixed veggies and we had ourselves a good meal.

Apple also released some updates to iOS and MacOS today.  So I downloaded them and updated our iPhones and iPad.  Plus I did my MacBook.  The updates went smoothly and seem to be working well.

A pretty full day and so now to watch a little TV and relax.


Happy Halloween.

It was 3 years ago that we left our NY house behind and lived full time in our motorhome, it was a grand 2 years.

Not much for today.  We headed South to Decatur to look at Hondas.  Bonnie is still searching for her new car.  No decision yet.

Tonight we will have our first Trick or Treaters.  One of the first ones.

So we have had lots of kids in the first hour, a steady stream.  Bonnie moved a chair and is sitting by the door.  They are bringing kids by the car load to our street and neighborhood.  We had a steady stream of kids from before 6 until after 7:30.  There was a lull so Bonnie turned off the light and it was all over.  She figures well over 100.  Down on the main road thru the neighborhood people reported a whole lot more.  One person ran out after handing out 20lbs of candy.

Time for bed.  Forecast is for bad weather tomorrow.


The weather did not get too bad here just lots of rain, heavy in the early morning and then light the rest of the day.  Once Bonnie got up the rain was very light so we decided to go look at the Subaru Forester again.  We spent a couple hours there, and Richard the salesman came in on his day off.  In the end Bonnie said she could not make up her mind and we headed to Decatur.  We wanted to look at the Honda CR-V again.  Still no decision.

My vote is for the Honda.  But the Forester is a good car also.  It has a lot of technology not sure Bonnie will use much of.  I am partial to Honda and familiar with those systems.  So I am trying to not influence her decision.  One big complaint about the Subaru is the passenger seat is pretty uncomfortable to me.  My complaint about the Honda is the crappy sound proofing they put in the spare tire well.  It's like ground up cotton material with some type of binder to keep it in the shape to fit the wheel well.  It's hard to explain.

We had a Mexican supper in Decatur and then headed home in the rain, nice to be home.


Kind of dark when I got up this morning, it was pretty overcast all day.  Bonnie headed out to do some shopping after she had breakfast.  I worked on a few things in the den and scanned a bunch of stuff.  Also got a delivery from the post office.  Then Carey showed up and cut the grass.  I also contacted our insurance agent and got a couple quotes for insurance on different cars.  Bonnie came home with many bags of groceries and put them away.  She also told me that she had made up a decision on the car.  The winner is.

Yep she choose the Honda CR-V.  I am a fan of the Honda automobiles and we have enjoyed the ones we have owned, hoping this one is the same.

Then I fired up the grill and we had hamburgers for supper along with a nice fresh salad.  After we watched the news, we went out and cleaned out the car.  I found the title and of course the check book.  Tomorrow we are to pick up the car and sign lots of papers.


Looks like it will be a nice cool day today, but also nice and sunny.

We were up pretty early and finally got ready and headed down to Honda of Decatur.  We had told Kalib that we would be there around noon to pick up the car.  As we pulled in there it sat.

Kalib was also outside and he helped us find a place to park as the dealership was very busy today.

After parking we went inside and filled out a little bit of paperwork.  Kalib gave Bonnie a Honda Hat.

Bonnies name is first on this car so she had the majority of the paperwork to sign.  Then we went out and went over some things in the car as Chris the Sales manager was busy closing another deal and we wanted to work with him.  We worked with him when I bought the Ridgeline and like the way he does business.  So Kalib helped us pair our phones and showed Bonnie a few things and answered her questions.

Then it was back in to see Chris, sign more papers and finally write the check.  It was quick and easy. Back out to the car.  It looks sharp in the sunshine.

One last picture with Kalib on the left and Chris on the right, good guys to work with.

We said our good byes and headed home.  Now to watch the Alabama-LSU game.

Well thats a wrap for this week.

Thanks For Checking In!

"Some people try to turn back their odometers, not me, I want people 
to know why I look this way, and some of the roads weren't paved"

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