Saturday, January 29, 2011

Warming up

Looks like we will not make it above freezing but it is almost 40 degrees warmer today than yesterday.  I was out for awhile today to head up to court to catch up on my work.  There was a light mist falling here at the house and when I shoveled the 1/2 inch of snow there was a crust on top of it.  The roads are just wet and it is much nicer out today than yesterday, but no sun today.  Tonight we have to go to East Aurora and then to Attica for our annual Church business meeting and elections.
All went well this evening, I did go to the business meeting alone as Bonnie felt she should stay home and go to bed.  She is still fighting a cold and has lost her voice but says her throat is not sore.
Now to watch the State of the Union speech.

My day started with a phone call around 7.  Seems the sheriffs office needed me at court to take care of some new business.  That took a couple hours.  So I came home shoveled the little bit of snow that came over night and then went in and had some good hot coffee.  I read a lot today and finished "1984".  Bonnie came home early, still not feeling well and went straight to bed.  My dear SIL stopped in on her way home and gave me my semi monthly hair styling.  She was going to stay for dinner, but with Bonnie sick she decided it would be a good idea to get home before dark.  I dished up some home made soup for her and off she went.  I grilled up some boneless port loin and heated up some corn.  While the pork was cooking I filled the bird feeders.  Been catching up on some recorded TV programs and now I think I will fix something hot to drink and start on the next book,  "Dead or Alive" by Tom Clancy his latest.  Just checked the status of my Social Security application on line, it now says a decision has been made and I should be getting a letter with the details.
Not a very exciting day but it kept me busy and awake.

While the East coast got a lot of snow, my sister said 16 inches in Spring City, we only got about 1/2 inch overnight.  Not much happened this morning and I headed out right after 11 to meet a former coworker for lunch.  We ate at THE AUD in Depew.  Its a nice small sports bar just around the corner from where I grew up.  We had a good lunch and chatted for a couple hours, we were about the only ones in there.  Most of their business is in the evening.
I left there and went out to Hamburg to the RV Show, but it was pretty much a bust.  All they had inside were travel trailers and a few fifth wheels.  The motorhomes were outside and it was snowing pretty hard and cold so I headed home.  Must have snowed all day here as we have another inch of snow to clean up.  Bonnie called and is going to be late, she is doing some shopping.

It must have snowed all night as we got another 1 1/2 inches overnight.  That puts about 4 or 5 on the ground in the driveway so I will need to clean it before the end of the day.  It is prime icicle weather also.  There is enough snow on the roof to insulate the roof so the bottom layer of snow melts and then freezes at the edge of the roof again.  Before we redid the roof we would get leaks from the ice dams that formed from all this.  Now we get icicles out back over the deck.
Some of the icicles out back

I worked on a clients computers for a couple hours today.  While out and about I also had the chance to do some banking in Attica, so all in all a good end to the week.
Bonnie put a corned beef in the crock-pot this morning and it has smelled good all day long.  I even managed to do a couple loads of wash.  I also heard from some good friends in Virginia this week and we are hoping that we may be able to camp together this year in Pennsylvania.

Looks like another 1 1/2 inches of new snow overnight.  I have to pay the taxes today and stop in at court.  Then in to Elizabeth's she has some ice damming and it is leaking in the house.  Not sure what will help.  I have a snow rake so will try to use that and then put some ice melt on the roof to make some channels to allow the melt to drain.  I searched the internet and short of hiring someone to steam off the ice thats about all you can do.  Here are a couple shots of the driveway that I have been working on way to often this year to keep it clear.
This is the entrance from the highway

View from halfway in the driveway

Just a view of the woods

Bonnie has a meeting to help put a presentation together for church tomorrow to report on the mission trip, and thats the plans so far today.

I will get this posted.
Thanks for checking in.