Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Snow is Tapering Off---Maybe

Friday Afternoon
Well we ended up with about 6 inches of heavy snow.  Alexus and I went out at 4pm to clean the driveway so Bonnie could get into the garage.  She pulled in just as I got the driveway wide enough.  Alexus shoveled under the deck and in front of the garage doors.  The snow ended shortly after I started to clean the driveway and I could see a lot of blue sky by the time I came in.  Bonnie fixed a good supper of boneless pork chops and now its time to relax.
Cleaning off the deck.

Down in the teens overnight but no new snow, that is to come tonight.  The girls are all together headed to get their hair done.  I am trying to finish up my book and also heading up to court for a while.
Finished "Decision Points" and can say I enjoyed the read.  Work is done at court and I have had lunch and cleaned the snow off the deck.  Just downloaded Michael Waltrip's book "In the Blink of an Eye, Dale, Daytona, and the Day that Changed Everything".  Yes I am a fan of NASCAR so wanted to see what he had to say after ten years of silence.
It started to snow again just before dark but we are only to get a couple inches and then it is to warm up for a couple days.

Just about 3 inches of snow since dark last night.  It was snowing and pretty nasty at 2:30am when I got called to court.  I was back home by 4:30am but could not get back to sleep.  Then off to church and now getting ready to watch some of the race.  I am feeling pretty tired so am guessing I will end up napping some.
Just one short nap during the race.  And what do you know Jeff Gordon (Bonnie's favorite) won finally after a streak of 66 loses.

It started raining sometime during the night and it is 40 degrees out so the snow is melting pretty fast and we have flood warnings again.  The run off stream is going pretty good in the back yard and I am hopeful all the snow will melt off the roofs in the next couple of days.  It was clear when I got up and then it got foggy and now it looks pretty clear out again.  Not much planned today except court tonight, so should get some more reading done on my book, I finished a third of it yesterday.
It's noon the news says gas is up another 14 cents about 3.50 for regular and diesel is over 3.70.  Oh and look the rain has now changed to snow.
Now at 3:30 I caught a brief glimpse of the sun, but now it is gray out again.

This guy has figured out how to get up on the feeder

You Looking at Me?

Woke up to see the sun this morning and it stayed around most of the day, may there be many more like it.  It was cold in the lower 30's all day.  Other than that a pretty slow day.  I also had two calls for help with computer problems and I think we took care of both of them.  I did check into a new truck that we had seen on the lot Sunday on the way to church.  The truck is a pretty good deal but is too heavy to be towed behind the MH so we will pass on it.  We went to WW and we both lost again this week so that is good.  Then over to Elizabeths for a good dinner.  Now a little more reading and then off to bed.

Woke up this morning to sun, then awhile later snow, then sun, then snow.  Now it is bright out but no snow.  I need to fill the bird feeder.  We are right at the freezing mark so hopefully some of the snow will melt.  Not much on the agenda for today.
For years I was AA Anti Apple.  I was all PC no Apple computer for me.  Then one Saturday morning a year or so ago I turned on my PC to the message "Windows must be reloaded"  what a mess that was.  I had backups but that laptop has never been the same.  By Monday afternoon I owned my first MacBook.    From the get go it has just worked.  Next was an iPad and before Christmas a MacAir notebook for Bonnie.  Everything just works.  Today Apple has an iPad event planned for1pm east coast time.  Everyone anticipates it will be the iPad 2 but no one knows for sure.  Time will tell  I am also planning to upgrade my MacBook to the recently release MacBook Pro.  Guess I better fill that feeder and finish my book.  The feeder is now full and I finished Michael Waltrip's book.
I spent a couple hours over at church in Attica.  Been working on a wireless router.  Still having problems getting it set up with the dsl modem so will be doing more research before I go back.  Just an issue of getting all the setting right.  Cold by the time I got home 13.

Thanks for checking in!