Wednesday, February 29, 2012

History is Made in Florida


My day started at 9:00pm last night when the phone rang.  I had to go up to court.  We were right in the middle of watching disk 2 of Massada.  So off I went got home at 1230am.  Takes me a bit to wind down and so I finished the movie, then read a little and was asleep by 2:30.  Slept great and was up and well rested before 8:00.

Today history should be made.  Since the Daytona 500 was rained out yesterday for the first time it is to be held today another first.  Just checked the radar and it looks like Florida still has a lot of rain.  Well I want to clean off the deck as it is in the 40s and that will let the deck finish melting and dry out.  Hopefully my sore back will be ok, too much shoveling on Saturday.

Now the race is delayed until 7:00pm tonight should be home after court in time to see it.  I went out to the garage for a while and finished up a mount I have been fabricating so that I can mount the new GPS using my RAM mounts.  It looks like an amateur made it but it works!  Now a little lunch some TV and maybe a nap and then court.

Busy night at court but I am home in time to see the end of the Race.  Wow a car hit one of the jet dryers during a caution.  Big fire and its now after midnight as they start the last 40 laps.  Lots of history being made.  Race started Monday and will finish after midnight.  Trying to make it to the end but pretty tired.  Oh no another wreck 9 to go.  Restart 6 to go.  Another wreck with 4 to go.  Restart green, white, checkered.  Final lap Matt Kenneth wins the 500.

Good night all


Where did the day go.  I got up early again and got ready for my annual physical at the DR.   That went well and they were ready for me when I got there to no waiting.  All my blood work numbers were good and no problems detected with the prodding and probing.  Hard to believe but its been 10 years since my last Colonoscopy so I have that to look forward to soon (not).

Then off to court lots of paperwork, and then home for an hour or so and then off to WW another not so good week, but I am inspired.  Then we had to shop at TOPS Market so did not get to Elizabeth's for a wonderful supper of spaghetti until almost 7:00 and they waited for us to eat :).

Both cats wanted a little snuggle time.

Then home relaxed a little by watching some recorded TV and then bed, a little reading and finally a good nights rest.


Up early again and got going for the day lots to do today.  Bonnie came home last night with an interesting idea so I am working on the details of that today.  Lots of bad weather in the midwest, that should change our forecast for the next few days.  Right now it still says 53 for Friday, wow.

Tornados in Kentucky
Bonnie's sister is still visiting from Reno, NV and is coming over tomorrow night for dinner.  We are planning to fire up the Smoker and have Turkey Breast.  So today I am getting it prepared with Pappy's rub again so it can marinate in the fridge overnight.

Have to get it thawed first over 9 lb..
Back to my research.

After lunch the turkey was ready to put the rub on and put in the fridge for overnight.

In the fridge for the night
It was a warm day and lots of melting took place and now at 9pm it is still 37 out.  Time for Survivor so I will get this posted (I recorded it).

Thanks for checking in.