Sunday, December 2, 2012

It is the week, Yes Finally!


The alarm went off at 6 this morning.  I was fed, showered and dressed by 7:30.  Then out to start the Coach, it started right up and after letting it warm up for a few minutes I headed up the hill and toward North Tonawanda,  destination Colton RV  There we said good by to our HR Ambassador that has served us well.  I have studied this machine for many hours and know it well.

Good bye old friend
 The new coach was waiting in the showroom for us and was looking good.  This coach has a full paint job, the last was fiberglass gel coat and decals.

All open and ready for the walk-through
Then we walked through the new to us "Previously Loved" Beaver Monterey Coach.  We did find a few things that needed to be taking care of but for the most part our long list of items to be serviced was all taken care of.

Contract signed

Walk through done and Ron moved the coach to the service bay.
The big thing for today was moving the Air Force One brake system to the new coach.  We had planned for this and sent pictures but it ended up taking until about 5:00pm to get the correct fittings that were needed and test the system.  But its all done now.  We were comfortable in the customer lounge but it sure would have been nice if the WiFi worked in there.  Since our daughter used to work here it was nice to see and talk to a lot of the folks she used to work with.

So once the coach was done they parked it along side our old one and the unloading and loading began.  Bonnie had already packed a lot of our stuff in plastic totes and we brought 4 more with us.  Still not enough.  We had to move unload and reload quite a few of the totes.  Bonnie did the inside and I did all the basement compartments.  It took us quite a while but we got it all done.  I could not believe how much stuff we have in the coach and for a while wondered if it would all fit.  But it did with room to spare.  Bonnie was a real trooper today.  Sitting around waiting is not one of the things she likes to do.  But it all worked out.

All smiles and ready to head home
We did have to drive home in the dark and I backed into the driveway by the light of Bonnie's brake and backup lights.  But we made it safe and sound.  Bonnie said she felt like we were held hostage all day.

We still have a lot to unpack and put away
So it was a full day, it is after midnight and I think I am ready to sleep now.


Up this morning we both had lots to do.  Bonnie left for her sisters and I worked on paperwork from yesterday.  Then I uploaded some sermons for FBC Attica to iTunes.  Just as I finished up and got dressed to go up to court Bonnie got home.  I ran up to the Town building and took care of the work that was there for me.  Once home Bonnie fixed a little lunch for us and then we headed out to the new Coach to put stuff away.  I turned on the HydroHot heating system.  It ran and came up to temperature. Bonnie worked in the bedroom where the heat was working fine.  But nothing but cold air was blowing up in the Salon.  I checked out a few things but did not find a problem.  So I took a picture of the control panel and sent it off to Ryan my sales associate along with a few other things that needed addressed.

I think the lights on the control panel are normal, My guess is its a stuck valve.

This middle brake light is partially burned out
All in all our delivery experience was good, it was long though.  A few things were overlooked that should have been caught but there is a lot of stuff to check and I am sure it will get taken care of.

Then I went in and started to look through all the manuals, there are lots of them.

Yes I do read the manuals.  This is a complex machine.
I got all the books sorted out then jumped in the shower for a quick shower.  Then we picked up Elizabeth and Alexus, then to the Yellow Goose to pick up Bonnie's sister Donna.  I gassed up the Odyssey and we headed to church for a special Friday night service.  We had a good service and got home around 9:30.  Now time to relax and then get to bed early as we have another full day tomorrow.


Set the alarm for 6am second time this week.  Bonnie took me to Elizabeths to drop me off and pick up Alexus.  Elizabeth and I went over to help at the Storm Norm Makeover project that our church along with the Christian Youth Corps is doing.

We were not the first to arrive but there were not many there yet when we arrived.  So we headed over to see Ben in the kitchen trailer and he made us a breakfast sandwich.

Ben's kitchen on wheels
 Then we headed over to the house to see Bill and find out what needed done.
The project is in its third week and still has a way to go.

Norms house
 Norm is a good guy.  He was always helping other people and now he has just received a new kidney and pancreas.  He is a member of our church and now he is getting a nice remodeled house to recover in.  Our first assignment was to remove the siding from the back of the garage so the windows could be replaced.

This is the siding we removed

The back of the garage is done now the window crew can do the windows now
 Then we moved to the front where another window and some wall sheathing needs replaced.

Elizabeth did a good job removing the siding today.
 We had a good time working together and we made quite the team and removed a lot of siding.  Once we finished this side we headed home.  But first a little lunch.  As you can see a lot more people have arrived.

This is about half of the cars on site as we headed home at noon.
We stopped at Elizabeths house so she could change clothes and then she took me up to court so I could handle some new paper work that had come in.  Then finally we headed home to see how Bonnie and Alexus were doing with decorating for Christmas.

I never made it into the house.  We had replaced the headlights last week and something did not sen right with one of them.  So we took it out and checked it and sure enough the left one was not seated correctly.  So I fixed that while she checked the air in her tires.

Then I headed down to the Coach to look at the heating issue.  I had turned the boiler on while we worked on the headlights so it was good and hot.  I had stayed up last night reading manuals and researching on the internet and wanted to try a simple fix.  What I needed to do was take off the cover and tap on a check valve that sometimes sticks after the unit has not been used all summer.

The sticking check valve is in the center of the photo the one to the right was working.
 A couple taps and the pipes got hot and there was warm air blowing inside the coach salon.  This was a simple problem and one that should have been caught and fixed during the dealers redelivery inspection.  I did call them and let them know I got it working and they did not need to send someone out to look at it.  There are a couple more things to check out but they are not major like no heat was.

When I got into the house the tree was all set up and looked really nice.  We finally got to sit down and relax a little and we watched a couple movies.  Elizabeth made a Thanksgiving leftover casserole that everyone thought was really good.

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas
The girls have headed home and we are relaxing a little before bed.


We were up and had plenty of time to get ready for church.  It was raining when we left and ended up raining off an on all day.  We picked up the kids and rode together to church.  Another real good sermon today and we got to fellowship.  Each week we seem to know more of the people.

Once home Bonnie fixed lunch and then I grabbed my camera, some of the coach manuals and headed out to the coach.  I wanted to try to figure out the TV and entertainment equipment.  I tried for a couple hours but never did get the TV to work except to show what was playing on the DVD.  I was hoping to at least see a setup menu off the Satellite receiver or a menu off the digital tuner but no luck.   I did take a lot of pictures.

The roof showing the solar panel and the awning air speed sensor

Plugs near the table/computer workstation

Dash gauges

Drivers switches

Leveling system and Parking brake

Aladin system readouts of the coach systems

These units control all the lights in the coach
I ran the heat again while I was out there and the coach warmed up nicely.  So I guess I will wait until Spring to figure the rest out.  If we had not run out of time Thursday I would have insisted that I be shown how to set up the TV to make it do what I wanted it to do.  Tomorrow is to be dry so once the roads dry off we will take the Coach out to put it in storage for winter.

Someone backed into another of the T-Posts and snapped it off, its got to hurt
Well thats it for this week.  Thanks for Checking In.