Wednesday, October 31, 2012



Well the big storm is now bringing us rain.  I got dressed and went outside to clean the rear gutter of all the leaves that are packed in it.  The rain was not bad but my hands were really cold by the time I finished.  Maybe I can clean the front gutter tomorrow if the rain passes.

I heard from the RV dealer that they found us a good rate on financing and presented that info for us to consider.  They say the coach will be ready by the 17th of November which should work for us.  So I have been kept busy looking at extended warranty info and learning what I can about the systems on the coach.

After lunch I headed to Warsaw to turn in my plates from the truck.  While there I also got my permit to get an R endorsement on my drivers license for the motorhome.  Back home I had a nice conversation with a friend in Virginia about campground memberships.

The rain is more steady now and the wind is starting to pick up.  I headed up for an evening at court.  All went well there.  The wind really picked up and we could hear it raining hard during court.

Finally back home for the night.  Elizabeth has some leaks in the roof over her kitchen, the rest of her roof is new.  Looks like NY City is getting hit hard with lots of flooding.  We have had just over 2 inches of rain since midnight.  The worst wind and rain is forecast for overnight, but it is to be over early in the day tomorrow.  Time will tell.

Well time to get to bed I trust everyone will be safe tonight.


Slept in a little it was noisy with the wind and rain all night and the house creaking in the wind.  I woke up to this.

Top of a dead tree across the driveway

Split Cherry tree half way down stuck in two trees

Lots of water flowing out back which is normal for this much rain

All cleaned up
Bonnie left for Elizabeth right after we finished cleaning up the tree.  There are a lot of branches still down in the yard but it needs to dry up some before we try to clean them up.  The cleaned out ditch with the new drain tile is working and water is pouring out of that.

I showered and cleaned up and then left to work at court for a couple hours.  I still had lots to do but left there and went straight to Elizabeths.  We were headed in to the Greystone Grill for a birthday dinner.  She likes there fried dill pickles and we all like their food.

This was a wrap with hot chicken fingers in it and home made chips, I thought it was good.
Then we headed to our small group study and finally got home around 10.

I watch a little TV about the storm damage and researched extended warranties and insurance.

I also emptied and took Bonnie's fountain apart, once it dries we can store it.

Almost forgot we joined the Coast to Coast Camping group today, $10 a night camping.  Our friends in VA are members and are happy with it.

Thats it for today its late and I need some sleep.


Well the coffee I had at the small group study kept me wide awake until just after 2am.  I sept once I laid down so thankful for that.  I was up before 8am this morning and felt well rested.  I had my breakfast and caught up on the internet.  Once Bonnie got up I headed right out to get up on the ladder and clean out the front gutters and the front and back gutter on the garage, thats all I can reach from the ground and so that just leaves the end of the house which I may get from the roof as the pitch is not as steep as the rest of the roof.  If we get a nice sunny day I may do that.  It was 38 this morning and cloudy cold hands again.

I need to head up to court to work as the recording I brought home to review would not play on my computer.  Home again after 3 hours, back to work on the RV and tying up all the loose ends.  Bonnie had already taken her pies for the pie contest tonight.  I have to be at Church after the Royal Fair concludes which is a big party for the kids.  I have been making lots of phone calls and researching lots of stuff.  Extended Warranties, camping clubs, hotels for our vacation next week.  I am looking forward to a little down time next week.

I got a call from a friend and he came over and I gave him my old weather tec floor mats for his truck and an under seat box.  He also made me an offer on the 4 extra tires I had that I could not refuse, so they are gone now also.  More room in the garage now.  I have a like new generator that I need to sell also.

Well its time to head for church to help out so I am going to go ahead and post this early.

Thanks for Checking In.