Sunday, August 25, 2013

Maintenance Week


Another beautiful morning.  Plus the President is in town this morning to speak at UB on education, then takes off on his bus tour of NY State.  Storms are in the forecast for later and I am hoping it gets cloudy for a few hours.  If so I will get up on the Coach roof and wash it down and seal it.  Hopefully this will stop the streaks from coming down the side.

It looks cloudy out and breezy, so we headed out to work on the Coach Roof.  Well the sun came out and it is very warm and humid.  But-----there were three packages outside the basement door.  The batteries for the tire sensors, the mirror controller for the coach and a cap, filter, nozzle, and a gauge.

this should last a couple years

Should install easily

For the Hydro- Hot boiler

Fuel filter for the boiler
 So plans changed.  I installed the mirror controller and start to finish it only took a few minutes.  The last one was getting wet, so I sealed the screw holes and tie wrapped this ones up where it should stay dry.  The mirrors all adjust again so we are good to go.

All done and up where it should stay dry.
While I did that Bonnie decided to wash the car.

Both cars are clean now bring on the rain
 Both of us were soaked with sweat, its very humid.  The sun is still out and the breeze has stopped so we decided to retreat to the house.  Tomorrow is another day and it is to be cooler.

Bonnie made me a sandwich and then I headed for church for practice with the worship team.  It went well but I was gone 4 hours so it was well after 10 when I got home.  I had a bowl of cereal and now am headed off to bed.  I have to be in Warsaw at 9:40am.


Today was maintenance on me.  We were up and headed for Warsaw early.  Bonnie to pick up RXs and I had my annual eye check up.

Waiting my turn
All was good but for the first time in years my RX changed a little. They did dilate my eyes and here many hours later my eyes are still dilated.

Still wide open 6 hours later
So of course its a bright sunny day so I am stuck inside.  I am still hoping to clean the roof later once the coach is in the shade.  Otherwise I am just taking it easy and organizing Evernote.

My electronic rodent repeller came in the mail and I plugged it into the basement bay of the coach, hope it works as advertised.

Its been a beautiful day outside and the coach is mostly in the shade now.  I changed clothes and headed out to clean the roof.  I put my stuff together and mixed up some Simple Green.  I got up on the roof with my rags and wax.  Bonnie stayed on the ground to wash out the rags and throw them back up.

All set for the climb

Ready to get started
The roof was pretty dirty but the dirt came off pretty easy.  Then I put on a coat of Mop and Glow wax to seal the gel coat.  Most of the sealing looks good around the vents etc.  It took a couple hours but its done.

Back on solid ground, tired and hungry 
I put every thing away and took a shower.  Bonnie put a pizza in the oven and it was a good one.
Next project is to wash the outside.


I was within a minute of climbing in bed last night when the phone rang, it was work so I headed up to court.  Home after midnight and then did not sleep well.  Up this morning early as I have to head back up to court for an appointment.  It looks like another great day weather wise.

I spent a couple hours up at court.  Bonnie and the girls went to Lantz's and shopping in Warsaw.  I am ready for a nap.  Nap never happened.  Bonnie got home less than an hour later we left the house.  Into a movie with Elizabeth and Alexus.  They say Incredible Me 2 and I saw Jobs, the story of Apple and Steve Jobs.  I enjoyed my movie not sure they did.

Then we sought out a Chinese Buffet and we ended up at the China Walk buffet.  Lots of a variety and most of it was pretty good.  Of course we ate too much.  Finally home.  Need to relax a bit and then bed.


We try to make Sunday a day of rest or a time to visit family.  Today was mostly a day of rest.
We headed for church early as I was working in the Audio/Visual booth today.  So we were a little over an hour early.  We added the last minute files and visuals and were all set.  The service went well and we were home around 1pm.  After lunch we watched a couple movies and Bonnie looked at the paper.  I did nap a little during the movie but not much.  This evening will be more of the same.

Thats about it for this week so I will get this posted.  Thanks For Checking In!