Wednesday, August 28, 2013



The alarm woke me at 7am this morning.  Looks like it is raining a little.  I ate a bowl of oatmeal, got dressed and headed for the dentist.  I was in the chair by 8 and he finished rebuilding my tooth by 8:45. I was actually home shortly after 9.  Bonnie was up and had been working on her peaches.

Next we are heading to the optician to look at new glasses for me and then out to lunch.  Wow I have not had to get new glasses for a number of years.  They sure are expensive.  I will be checking out Walmart and Sams in the future.  We had a pretty good lunch at Charlie's in East Aurora and finally have arrived back home.  Now for a nap before court tonight.  This mornings rain did not amount to much.  But it will make the grass grow.

Busy night at court tonight I did not get home until 10pm.  The rain has cleared and it has cooled down should be a good night to sleep.


I had a tough night.  I ate when I got home last night and then ended up with an upset stomach most of the night.  Finally slept good from5:30 until after 9.  It was cloudy today so decided today is the day to wash the coach.  I texted Alexus and let her know I would pick her up around 11am.  So I headed to the Post Office and Bank and then over to pick up Alexus.  I also picked up the RV waterline anti-freeze that Elizabeth picked up for us last night at Valu Hardware $1.49 after rebate, limit 4

Get it while its on sale, you will need it soon
Once we got home I changed and then got the brushes ready and moved the coach where the hose would reach.  Then we got to work.  Bonnie washed the top half, I the bottom, and Alexus sprayed and rinsed it.

First wash and rinse

Then put a towel on the brush and dry
 Alexus and I switched jobs on the second side, she did a really good job.  This was part of how she earned some money for her week at Kingdom Bound.  She stuck with me until the very end.

See she is still smiling
 Alexus did the back wheels and I did the fronts.

Images may appear larger than actual
 Alexus requested pizza from Praller's for lunch so we ordered it and picked it up after we put the coach  back on its parking pad.

It was good pizza and did not last long.
Now I need to take out the trash and then head to court and maybe cut some grass a little latter, sure sounds like a busy day.

Finally home for the evening and so far no rain.  We still have to take Alexus home and it cooling off some outside.  We got the quote on putting A/C in the house, pretty high, so I think we will pass on that.


Bonnie woke me at 6:15am this morning, wow way to early for me.  I had my oatmeal and coffee and then we headed to pick up Elizabeth.  Guess who was not ready.  We had to wait 1/2 hour.  We finally headed for Buffalo City Mission.  We dropped Bonnie off at the Woman's Facility where she plays grandma to the babies in the day care.  We made it to the mission and Elizabeth made me a cup of coffee.  We checked receiving and no donuts had come in yet today.  Then we attended a bible study and then I started working on a database for volunteer speakers.  I went through all the information I could and verified how up to date it was.  In the end I designed a form, turned it into a merge document.  We weeded out the inactive speakers and printed out forms to get updated information as the speakers cycle through this next month.

The day went by quickly and we picked up Alexus from a friends house on the way home.  Finally home and Bonnie made a nice supper.  We were both tired but Bonnie had to go out again for a meeting.  Been a busy day but now its finally bed time

Lunch at the Mission was delicious stuffed Peppers, rice and green beans
Thats it for the start of the week.  Thanks For Checking In!