Sunday, August 11, 2013

Planning a little Trip


Second time I am writing this.  Up this morning and while it was a bit humid it was cool.  Closed up the windows as it was to get into the 80 today.  Sure wish I knew where all I typed before went to.  I had to head up to court and Bonnie was heading to speak at Woman's Society in Java, then to see her sister.  It was still wet out from the 1/3 inch of rain we got about 3:30am.

I was up at court for a couple hours and came home and had a little lunch.  Then I caught a bit of a nap and decided to watch a couple movies, I do not even remember their names.  Bonnie came home during the second one and another storm rolled in.  This was dropped over 3/4 of an inch of rain in less than 20 minutes.

In the middle of the storm

Lots of water coming off a small roof

The other side
So the grass got watered and will be growing again.

The girls are home from Kingdom Bound and I am sure they will be catching up on their rest.  We had supper and watched some TV.  We also started planning for a couple week trip in September.  We wanted to go to Michigan but that is just not working out.  So we will see some sights in NY and Pennsylvania.  Also hope to see some friends that have been work camping in PA.  If I can find a campsite we plan to visit the big RV show in Hershey PA for a couple days.  We can also visit the Amish, maybe take a train ride, see the PA Grand Canyon, and a large Elk Herd.  So there will be plenty to do and we can get in some relaxing time also.  We might even be able to celebrate a birthday while we are gone.

Well no more rain but they say we may get more overnight.  Its after midnight so I am going to hit the hay.


It seems to have rained most of the night another .91 inches.  But finally the rain stopped and the rest of the day turned out very nice.  I spent the day on the computer and on the phone.  Pretty much have our itinerary for September written in Jello.  Its still flexible except for the first week.  Took me most of the day to get reservations near Hershey, PA for the big RV show (and I saved 60 bucks by using my Passport America card.  We will also be able to attend the birthday party.  I have the other campgrounds picked out just need to pull the plug and make the reservations.  I sent for some information so waiting to get it before we firm up the route.  Does not look like I did much but it sure took a long time.

After an evening of TV its time to get a good nights sleep.


Good sleeping weather and a nice looking morning.  We were both up early for us.  Bonnie was getting ready for her open house and I was heading to court.

Bonnie took here Thirty One products and headed to Elizabeths's to set up for her open house with the help of Alexus.

Pull in to the open house for Thirty-One Products
Elizabeth was busy with Buffalo Mission Motorcycle Run today.  She is up in Tonawanda near the river.

Registration Area

Lots of bikes to the left

Even more to the right
I finished up at court and watched a bit of the PGA tournament being held up in Rochester.  Tiger did good last week and barely made the cut this week.

I decide to cut the front lawn and took the Ranger for a spin in the woods.  All the culverts are clear and the sun made for a couple nice pictures.

Peaceful in the woods

And nice and quiet
 While I was cutting the grass I notice quite a bit of mildew on top of the generator.  So I grabbed the Simple Green some car polish and some rags and cleaned it up.

The before and after.
Bonnie finally got home.  She did not have a good Open House day so we are just relaxing this evening.  Thats about it for Saturday.  Tomorrow is a church and a family reunion.


Beautiful morning.  Was making my oatmeal when I looked out the back window.

A rare sighting in the yard
It is rare that we see bucks in the yard and this guy also had a doe and twin fawns with him.  All I had was my iPhone so I zoomed in a little with that to get this shot.  The fawns still have spots but are getting pretty big.  Time to head to church.  We are headed to Attica today to hear some mission trip reports.

Lots of hugs and handshakes at church today, the first of two family reunions for us today.  We also got to hear another report of a mission trip to the Dominican Republic from our friend Farris.

Yes there is a story behind the picture
Then the youth of the church reported on the "Week of Hope" mission trip to Pittsburgh, PA.  Interesting thing to me was that they stayed in the Wilkensburg, High School.  This is the school where some of my cousins attended.  There report was interesting and it sounded like the trip made a good impression on their lives.

We made a quick stop at home to pick up the Salt Potatoes that Bonnie had prepared for the Williams Family Reunion.  Then headed over to her brothers campsite on the family farm.  Must have been at least 30 people that showed up and we had a gorgeous day to sit and visit..

Some of our family

Lunch Time

Jackson with his Dad Nick

Jackson caught a couple frogs
 Most all of the boys spent a lot of time in the creek and were successful in catching some type of critter.  All critters were released back into the wild to allow them to return to their homes.

Mom and Dad relaxing
We headed home around 5:50 and decided to skip any type of formal supper.  We did catch the end of the PGA Championship, not sure who won the NASCAR race just down the road in Watkins Glen.

Thats about it for this week, Thanks For Checking In!