Thursday, August 1, 2013

Car Mods


The rain woke me this morning but by the time I got up it was over.  I spoke to soon and it rained again, hard but for just a short time.   Bonnie headed into East Aurora to get her fingerprints done so she can work with the babies at the mission, part of the routine background they do.  While she was gone I did the wiring on the CR-V so I can tow the trailer.

I had to clean out the back

This is the converter box
 The whole process took maybe 20 minutes and that was working really slow.  Honda is nice the connector to plug into was just sitting there waiting.  I plugged it in, tested it with the meter and then put the plastic parts back on.

All done.
Now tomorrow I can put on the hitch.

Hopefully this will get installed tomorrow.
Well Bonnie has gone to get a haircut.  I need to stop at court, get something to eat, drop off stuff for Alexus, and then make it to church for practice by 7.  Heard from my buddy and he got a new converter box for his RV and the lights are all working and they are on the road to a rodeo.

Alexus texted me and said she wanted to go with me to church tonight, so I had her order subs and we picked them up on the way.  We both had turkey subs and boy were they good.

Chillin under the tent and eating our subs (she posed for this shot)
Looking like a movie star
After we ate we went in me to practice and Alexus to the youth group.

Surprise a new lighting board
Practice went well and the new lighting board is partially working.  Finally home and time to relax a little and get some rest.


Beautiful morning, Bonnie is off with her sister and I am headed to court,then hope to work on the trailer hitch.

Before I was able to leave for court, I got a call from my SIL.  She was home today and was able to cut my hair today.  Also her JD GX345 would not start again.

File photo
She just got it back from the shop and they had replaced the ignition module.  So off I went to take care of paperwork at court and then over to Holland.  It rained on the way over pretty hard at times but it quit by the time I got there.  Got my hair cut first and then we looked at the tractor.  We tried a few things and looked at all the wires.  Still not running.

We went in to look at some paperwork, books, and the internet.  Also had lunch while we were in.  Back out to the shed and we moved the mower outside the shed.  I checked what they call the time delay module and tried to bypass it as it said on the internet, still would not start.  Checked the carburetor and checked the solenoid that is in it and not sure it was working right but the gas was flowing so thats good.  Finally decided it must be the ignition module again.  I left and she called the shop, they will pick it up Monday.

Back home I prepared to put the hitch on the CR-V.

On the ramps letting the muffler cool
So back to the internet.  Everyone says its the time delay module and when they give it a good tap with a screwdriver handle it will work again for a while.  I called SIL and within minutes she called back and said the JD was now running.  I think a new module is in order.

$20 module
Back to putting the hitch on.  It took me about an hour.  A second pair of hands would have been handy but a 5 gallon bucket was an ok substitute.

My collection of wrenches, and torque wrench

Looks good and fit perfect
Bonnie got home just as a finished.  Since I no longer have the truck I needed a way to pull our utility trailer.

Now we are ready to relax and rest this evening.


Rained some last night but looks like it will be a beautiful day!  I was up early so figured I would hook up the trailer and give the new hitch a test run.  While I was out I got the utility trailer inspected.

All went well and it passed, good for another year.
I stopped at court on the way home and looks like I am ready for Monday.  Bonnie is gone to a Thirty-One meeting so I am on my own this afternoon.

Bonnie brought home old fashioned subs for supper, one is more than a meal.  However I eat the whole thing as it was so good, so now I am really stuffed.

Time to call it a night.


Another good looking day and it was a cool night for sleeping.  We were up and got ready for church in plenty of time. We stopped to pick up the girls but turns out they were driving themselves. Today is the start of Kingdom Bound at Darien Lake. There are about 90 youth and leaders going from our church which includes a group that comes every year from West Virginia. Elizabeth is going to help Ben cook for them. It lasts until Thursday morning, hopefully it will be a dry week.

We watched the NASCAR race from Pocano today and took it easy.  Then I linked the computers and I am trying to move all my photos on to the iMac as my hard drive is filling up.  So I am typing this on the iPad, hopefully the files will transfer within a few hours. I also ran the generator on the coach to exercise it, a side benefit is that the batteries will be fully charged.

Bonnie made pizza for supper and then we watched a little TV.  I worked on moving my photos and then clearing them off my laptop to make some room on the hard drive.  Success!  Well its been a good week and its time to get some rest.

Thanks For Checking In.