Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Work and then we can Play


Great morning again.  We have to get some work done the first part of this week so we can camp the last part.

I headed out to cut grass this morning.  The doe and the fawns were back but no sigh of the buck.  I listened to some podcasts while I cut the grass so I enjoy that.  As soon as I cut the grass between the garage and the coach I ran the power cord and plugged in the coach.  I started the refrigerator on gas and will go out later and switch it to electric.  Its good for it to run on the gas once in a  while and it allows most of the amps available to charge the batteries.  Once the batteries get to float I will switch the refrigerator.  Back on the mower to finish the grass.  I checked the water in the batteries, which I try to do every month, they were fine.

Battery levels check and all are good
I spent a while on the phone tonight to prepare for court this week.  We have a team of attorneys at what is called the Resource Center that act as our law clerks to clarify points of law for us and that we can talk freely with about cases.

Bonnie left to pick up Alexus and Chelsea to take them to our Wyoming County fair for the day.  Bonnie is also volunteering in one of the booths today.  Time for lunch and a couple hours to relax before court.  Quiet around here and now its raining, hope it stays dry at the fair.

FedEx was just here and he told me when he was here the other day there were fawns in the driveway. Then he said as he walked to the basement door there was a doe and a fawn up under the deck eating away in Bonnie's flower bed.  Now we know whats eating the plants.

The deer were up in this flower bed
I got a shower and headed up to court.  I thought it would be a quick easy night but I ended up being up there for hours.  I did get home before Bonnie and had some salt potatoes and pork roast for supper.  Bonnie got home from the fair and we watched some TV.

Time for bed I have another court session tomorrow.


Phone rang at 7:45am, it was the A/C guys calling to say they were on the way to give us an estimate.  We are interested in seeing what it would cost to put in some "split systems" in the bedrooms and living room.  I had time to drink a cup of coffee and eat my oatmeal before they got here.  Once here we looked the rooms over and took measurements.  They said they would put the unit under the deck which would be nice and hidden.  Once they left it was time to collect the trash and take it out to the road.  Then mail had come so I took a look at that.  I had time to check on the coach, the refrigerator is cold and I fired up the CAT engine and let the air tanks fill up.  All looks good for our trip on Thursday.

It was soon time to head to court and I spent the rest of the afternoon up there.  Bonnie made supper and now we are getting to relax a little and watch some TV.  Mighty cool this evening 55.


Looks like it got down to 52 overnight, better than the 40's they were forecasting.  Bonnie was up early and heading into the Buffalo City Mission to work with the babies.  I could not go with her to help at the mission as I had a lot of banking and court work to take care of.

I headed to the Post Office and picked up stamps and dropped off some mail that needed extra postage. Then into East Aurora to do some banking for Bonnie.  I made a quick stop at Tim Horton's for an iced capp before I left town.  Then over to Strykersville to take care of some court business and filled up the car while I was there.  I made a stop at court next and finally headed home.  I relaxed a bit and then made a sandwich.

Its been a dark and dreary day that has not inspired me to do much around here.  I need to pack and load the coach but that may wait until tomorrow.  Bonnie will be home and then have to head out to a meeting later this evening.  Well I am going to watch a debate on line and thats about all thats planned for tonight.  Tomorrow we head to Southwoods hopefully I will have some more pictures the end of the week.

Thanks For Checking In!