Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Starting on Final Preperations


Beautiful sunny morning today.  It was cool but was warming up.  Once it got up into the 50's I headed out and started to work on the coach it was around 10:30.  I fired up the coach and moved it up toward the garage.

Time to de-winterize
First order of business was to fill the fresh water tank with chlorinated water to sanitize it.  I used that water to flush the RV Aniti-freeze out of all the water lines.  Then let it set for a few hours of "Contact Time" so it could do its job.  While that was working I reconnected the ice maker and made sure it was not leaking.  I also checked that the stove lit and that the refrigerator would light.

Then I took the cover off the transfer switch to check and tighten the connections.

Removed this coverage

All the connections were tightened a little
Loose electrical connections heat up and can cause fires.  So we should be in good shape for another year or so.  Then I checked out the water pump and the connections in there all was well.  I then added some coolant to the engine after I tested it and it looked good.  I also installed the Tire Pressure Monitors and checked them out.  All the air pressures were good except the one that always seems to leak a little so I topped it off.  I also topped off the battery water.

Finally time to drain the water tanks and fill them with fresh water.  While the tank was draining and refilling I started on another project.

I started draining the oil on the house generator.

Easy access to the engine.
I checked the air filter, changed the oil filter, and then refilled the oil.  Started it up and let it run to fill up the new filter and then shut it down and topped off the oil.  All set for another year or two.

Then back down to the coach the water tank was full.  I flushed the sanitizing water out of the water lines and buttoned things up.  We should be just about set to go.  We have to set up a few things and load up our personal books and clothes.

The tornados out West are hitting close to our Son and family they were in a shelter a while ago when I checked.  Seems the worst is over and just heard they are back home now.

Hopefully we can take it easy the rest of tonight.  We did get to rest up and I even ordered some small batteries I needed from Amazon.  Then I changed some reservations so we will have a longer stay in Howe, In. near the Amish.


The alarm woke me at 6am, whats that about.  Took me a few minutes to figure out what was going on.  It appears that the alarms inadvertently got turned on when Bonnie dusted yesterday.  I tossed and turned and listened to the wind outside.  So I gave up and got up.  Bonnie was up early also the wind woke her also.   Then the rain started.  It rained most of the day and the wind is still blowing tonight.

I headed down the hill to the post office and turned in our stop mail notice for next week.  Then I headed to Strykersville to get gas, and then closed one of my court accounts at the bank.  I have one more account to close and then I should be done with court matters.  Then I headed over to the hardware store to pick up some hooks to hang an organizer for Bonnie.  Then I headed home.  I discovered I had driven all around with the weeks trash from the house, so I dropped that at the road. Then at the Coach to hang the organizer.

Still raining and so we stayed in the rest of the day.  I worked on finances and checked over the chargecard bill and scheduled it and the electric bill.  Then about 1:30 our power went off, while we were watching TV, I suspect a tree took down some lines.  The generator came on line and the DISH receiver rebooted and we were back in business.  The internet was out so I called NYSEG and they estimated it would be 3 hours for restoration.  We are not sure but I think the power came back around 3:30.  The lights do not even blink when it comes back but I noticed the internet was working again.  So pretty much we were lazy the rest of the day.  Bonnie made hamburger and baked homemade sweet potato fries for supper.

My son is traveling and had a bumpily flight, storms are close to his family again so we are keeping track of them.  Lots of people have been affected by all the storms, keep them in your prayers.  More rain is forecast for tomorrow and the wind is still howling.

Looks like we will call it a night.


Raining and windy again this morning.  Blogger was working slowly last night but seems good this morning.  I have somethings on my to do list that I can do in the garage so I will try to get them done.  Looks like rain most of the day.  UPS was here early today and brought me some batteries and a wrench to remove the sewer covers in campgrounds.  It works on a lot of different covers

10 in 1 Tool
I am also trying to figure out the manufacture of the faucets in the coach.  They all leak a little and I would like to fix them.

Any ideas?
The battery also came for the tire inflator pressure gauge but the will wait for a dryer day.  I did drain the gas out of the snow blowers and then ran them to empty out the last little bit of gas.  Then I put them away for the summer.  Well maybe I will change the oil before winter.  Then I headed down to the gas station to get gas for the lawn tractor, so Elizabeth won't have to worry about that.

Plenty of gas for while we are gone
Then back into the house.  I had to brought in the mail and so that got me going on the end of the month bills and while I was at that I did the first of the months too.  Bonnie made chili while I was outside working and it was ready.  We had a late lunch and enjoyed the chili.  Finally by late afternoon it was time to relax a little.

Bonnie headed out for the evening with a Thirty One activity, so I am on my own.  Looks like it is still raining so looks like it will be TV.  I will go ahead and post this and then I can sit back and enjoy the evening.  Hoping we get some dry weather the second half of the week so we can load up the coach.

Thanks For Checking In!

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