Wednesday, June 18, 2014

More Appointments


Bonnie was up before me this morning and gone when I got up.  Her sister has a Dr appointment and they are going together.  I was up to get ready to take the Odyssey to the Honda dealer for some routine maintenance.  Then back home again we switch cars and Bonnie has an appointment for a haircut.

I was a few minutes early for my appointment and they were ready for me.  While they did the oil change and rotated the tires I went to parts.  I picked up the new sensor for the CR-V and the other parts that go with it.  The bad news is that the sensor has to be programmed to the car which is a $50 charge for a couple minutes of work, but the equipment is not cheap that they use.  I also got to visit with Vince our salesman for quite a while so the time went quickly.  The car was done, no other problems.

Then I headed for East Aurora and picked up a few things that I needed at the Valu Home Center.  Since it was almost lunch time I went over to Mighty Taco for a Super Mighty and a glass of LoganBerry.  I really missed these when we lived away from Buffalo.  Time to head home.

It is in the 80s today and the humidity is climbing fast, looks like it will be an inside day.  Bonnie got home about 10 minutes after I did and all went well with her sisters appointment, and turns out she had lunch also.  Around 4 Bonnie headed down for her haircut and came home happy with the way it turned out.

Watch a movie this evening and then early to bed.


We were up again early this morning for more appointments.  Today we had routine Dr. visits.  This is the first time we both had appointments at the same time.  All went well and we were quickly on our way with Rx refills that we need to send in to WalMart.  We dropped off a bag to be returned at Bonnie's friends and headed home with a quick stop at Tim Horton's for an Iced Capp and CVS to get one of Bonnie's Rxs.

Once we got home I worked on the coach a little.  UPS brought the new Hubcaps this morning.

New hubcaps
Lots of little things to do.  First I opened all the slides and awnings to make sure they were dry, good thing the awning was full of water from when we rolled it up.  I also got busy and measured and cut the dowel to hold the closet door shut, then I mounted the smoke detectors, and labeled the switches.

Baby Moons look good
New dual technology detectors photo cell and ionization

They mounted easily
This should keep the sliding door closed
Borrowed this from my daughter

Labeled In and Out, Open Close on all our switches
These will stop the fuel leaks when I change filters

Never enough water fittings and tools
All opened up
I went in for lunch and left the coach opened up.  It clouded up and got pretty dark so I grabbed the trash to take out and stopped on the way out to close up the coach.  It started to sprinkle as I jumped in the Ranger to take the trash out to the road.  It was raining hard now and by the time I got into the garage I was soaked.  Of course 10 minutes later it was sunny again.

The rain came back just as it was getting dark.  We watched a movie and relaxed.  Lots of warnings from the NWS but nothing too nasty here.


Nice cool but a little damp morning.  I think it is to be overcast all day.  I am hoping Alexus will come over and help us wash the coach.  No appointments scheduled for today but we have a couple more to take care of before the end of the week.

Well the hope was that Alexus would come out and we would wash the coach today.  Bonnie went out to pull weeds and trim bushes.  Alexus slept in and said she would not be ready to come out until 2pm.  I went out and repaired the trim that came loose when Bonnie pulled out the grape vines.

All I had to do was re-nail it
I put the ladder away and decided that it was time to start to take the old Hydro-Hot apart and hopefully be able to get rid of the parts.  I also was hoping to be able to see where the leak was.  This is what it looked like getting started.

Lots of parts to be removed

Part way done
The silver colored box is the boiler, the burner has been removed and almost all of the sheet metal.  Bonnie was done for the day and we headed in for lunch.  During lunch we talked to Alexus and the decision was made to put off washing the coach and that Alexus would not come out today.

After lunch I headed out to the garage again.

Still a bit to disassemble
I finally got the insulation and sheet metal off the boiler.

Lots of sensors and fittings to be removed

Naked Boiler
 So I got down to the bare boiler and did not see and obvious leak.  I started to take out the fittings and see that lower right brass fitting.  Well it broke right off.  Turns out it was split.

Split fitting
 I think that perhaps this brass fitting was over tightened when it was built.  Anyway the fitting was buried behind the sheet metal and insulation.  It would have been a $10 part if we could have seen the leak.  Instead it was a $7000 replacement, lucky for us the insurance paid for most of it.

Stripped as far as I can get it
I took the sheet metal and boiler out to the road and hopefully a scrapper will stop and pick it up before long.

Waiting to be picked up
Bonnie made spagetti for supper boy was it good.  Now I may just need a short nap, so I will go ahead and post this.

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