Sunday, June 29, 2014

Better Weather, good for growing grass


Overcast this morning but the sun came out and it was a beautiful day.  Bonnie headed out to pull weeds out by the road and then spread some mulch.  I headed out to try the new switch kit in the coach to fix the over the door awning.  I tried a bunch of things but could not get the awning to work. It seems to draw a lot of current but the motor does not run.  So I will have to try to figure out how to get at the motor.  It is what is called a tubular motor and fits inside the roller of the awning.  All the directions say to open the awning to work on it, so thats the first issue getting the awning open.

Spent the rest of the day reading magazines and just taking it easy.  I asked Bonnie if she wanted to go up to Lake Ontario for a nite or two.  She said yes but for 3 nights.  I checked and we were able to book 3 night at Golden Hill SP.  It also looks like we can pick cherries at Browns Berry Patch.

Bonnie went to the Rural Outreach Center for a couple hours.  They had a couple patients tonight so business is picking up.  Not much else happened today, the awning not working bummed me out.


Bonnie got up early this morning and went to pick strawberries, looks like she got 6 quarts.  Then she went and visited some of her family, got gas and headed home.

I worked on the end of the month financial stuff and made sure all the bills were paid.  My RXs came in the mail yesterday from WalMart and I will dispense them into my daily containers today.

Bonnie put turkey tenderloin in the crockpot this morning so I am looking forward to that for supper.

The humidity is back and its hot.  I did go out briefly and check on the motorhome.  All looks well and success we caught the mouse in the basement compartment, lets hope it is the only one.  I also put the flagpole in and hoisted the flags, pretty late this year but at last its done.

Long May She Wave
We decided to watch a movie and then had dinner.  The turkey was very good.  Its cooling off so should be good sleeping tonight.


Hot and humid today, and it was like that this morning.  I closed up the windows as soon as I got up.  The house was down to 71 and outside was rising.  It made it to 87 outside and only to 79 in the house.  Bonnie made some jam in the crockpot to freeze and also did the wash.  The only time I went out was to get the mail and boy was it nasty.

We watched a couple movies and worked on a few things.  I did some research on Grills.  We have a nice Weber Q in the coach but never use it as it is so big and hard to clean.  So I decided on a O-Grill and low and behold they were on sale this weekend at Camping World.  So its on order.  Our big grill has been acting up.  So more research and I need a few fittings to convert the Weber for use with a big propane bottle here at the house.

We decided on Pizza and wings for supper so I am soon headed down to Prallers to pick them up.  Wow we will have pizza and wings for a while.  We got a sheet and a bucket of 50 wings, thinking the girls would come for some.  Nope they did not, so we have lots of left overs.  But they are good so its ok.  Time for the NASCAR race from Kentucky.  We have some friends on turn 1 in the infield so we get some updates from them.  After the race its straight to bed for me.  I opened the windows and am hopeful that it will soon cool down out side.


We were up early and off to church.  Its the fifth Sunday of the month so the Youth Band let the worship time.  They were really good today and did a great job.  They we had special speakers a Jew and a Gentile brought the message together and did a really great job the hour passed quickly.  The girls were going shopping so had driven separately.  Bonnie and I stopped at the produce place in East Aurora and then at Elizabeth's to pick up some things.  Finally home.

We watched a few shows and rested a little, wow the afternoon is gone.  We headed back to church for a special evening with the same speakers as this morning.  Another great time.

Thats about it for this week.  We had one line of showers go through earlier and another is just about here.  Its been another good week and with the rain and heat I can hear the grass growing so will be on the tractor a bunch this week.  The rain has cooled it off some, so it will be good to sleep.

Thanks For Checking In!

"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Just Not Big Enough"