Sunday, June 22, 2014

A couple more appointments


Up before the alarm went off this morning.  It seems that our yard has become a rookery for the local crows.  Some of the young ones are trying to learn how to crow.  It is a very irritating noise.  Anyway I needed to head into Ray Laks Honda with the CR-V today, time for and oil change and they need to replace the TPMS sensor that we broke.  Once I checked in there it seems the price for replacing the TPMS had gone up 30 some dollars.  It went back down after we did a little negotiation.  So here I sit with good internet waiting on the car.  Trying to pick up Alexus again today to help around the house.  Lots of projects to choose from not sure which ones we will actually get done.  I did notice that the sheet metal and boiler are gone this morning, some lucky scrapper picked it up.

We booked a week on our time share program last night for a week way up in Maine for the last part of September.  I emailed them to see if they had room for us to park the coach for the week we are there.  Hopefully we can make it into a nice long trip before the end of the season.  Just got an email plenty of parking for the rig so we will plan a nice slow trip to Maine in September.

Car was ready in about an hour and I picked Alexus up on the way home.  We decided to get subs for lunch and they sure were good.  They really filled me up and made me a bit sleepy.  After a short nap I changed and we headed out to scrub the garage floor to get rid of the winter salt and dirt.

Getting the floor clean

Almost done
We finished up the garage and then moved the stuff back in.  Then we headed back into the house.  We rested and watched a little TV then had some steak for supper.  I heard a chainsaw and thought it might be Darren out front.  So Alexus and I jumped on the Ranger to investigate.

My personal driver
 We found his truck and soon found him.

Busy cutting
Its a nice cool night and good for working in the woods.  We chatted a minute or two and then we headed back to the house.

It was a good day and we got some things done and taken care of.


Leisurely morning and then Bonnie and I headed out to work on the coach.  Todays project was to install the RV Rain Gutter we bought last fall.  Hopefully this will help to minimize the black streaks on the side of the coach from the dew running off each morning.

Set up the ladder and got to work
All I had to do was clean the edge of the roof with some Simple Green and then alcohol.  The 3m adhesive strip stuck real well.

Just finishing up the last of the first side
Bonnie has her annual eye appointment in Warsaw so we quit after the first side and will try to finish tomorrow.  I got a shower had a quick sandwich and we were off to Warsaw.

While Bonnie was at University eye I headed to Walmart to pick up air cleaners for the two cars.  They only had the one for the CRV.  Next stop was at the can redemption place.  A local church runs this one and the two guys in there are fun to watch as they sort the cans and bottles.

They are really quick
Then back to wait for Bonnie.  I had my iPad so was able to do a little research.  I have been researching WiFi extenders, I know we need one just not sure which one.  Once she was done we headed back to Tops for some groceries.  Then over to Sinclair's to pick up some RXs for Bonnie.  While she was there I went in to the new Warsaw ACE hardware to pick out a new handle for the basement door.  Bonnie wanted a lever handle so she can open it with her elbow when her hands are full.  Installation will be another day.

We stopped and put over $60 of gas in the Odyssey, what a crime the gas prices are here in NY.  Finally home.  We took in the groceries.  Then I changed and went out and cut the front yard.  Bonnie got supper ready and we ate and watched the news.  Now for a nice relaxing evening.


I was up pretty early this morning but Bonnie slept pretty late in the morning.  Once we got going though we headed out and started to work on the RV Gutter on the other side of the rig.  It went well and it was pretty nice out.

Tools of the trade
Bonnie kept a close eye on me

Looking back down the new gutter, almost done
After we finished the gutter, I went up on the roof to look at the AC units and see if I could unplug the drains.

First step was to remove the covers
 The covers came off easy and I used the air compressor to blow out the dust and old wasp nests.

Big old nest on the side, sure glad it was not an active nest
I never could see how to clear the drains but I did blow air in the drain pans and hopefully that will clear them.  Then we started the generator and put a load on it for about an hour by running the AC units and the Hydro Hot, all seems to be well.  Then I opened up the panel over the door to see why the over the door awning was just buzzing and not opening.

This is what is buzzing
I tried to find the unit online but no luck so far.  In to the house for a sandwich and then I got a nice nap in the chair.

I grilled some sausage for supper and then headed out to cut some of the back yard and the side hill.  Now to relax and get a good nights sleep.


Happy Birthday Bonnie!  One more year until Medicare.

We were up and off to church picking up the girls on the way.  Today was membership Sunday and we joined the church along with about 40 other people.  Then we headed to the produce market and tried to go to the egg man but they were not home.  Then when we dropped the girls off Bonnie stayed there for a few minutes and then brought Alexus and Elizabeths car to our house.  She was going to our nieces wedding shower latter and then we were all going out to dinner after that.  But first she had a project to work on.

Bonnie's project area
Then she headed back in to pick up Elizabeth,  Alexus and I spent the afternoon together.  I almost forgot.  I notice signs of a mouse in the Coach basement so I put a glue trap in there.  It was gone this morning.  I found it this afternoon and could tell it had caught the mouse but it got loose.  So I set a couple traps.  Hope we catch it soon and that it is just one.  I ordered more peppermint oil tonight as that seems to work.  I also ordered the switch kit to replace the defective awning control.

Once the wedding shower was over the girls called and we headed to pick them up at Elizabeths's house.  Then in to Orchard Park to the Longhorn Steakhouse.

Deciding what to order
We had a good meal and they even brought Bonnie a birthday sundae.

1st dessert
Then Elizabeth suggested we go next door to the Cold Stone Creamery.  It was very good but we all decided we were stuffed.

Very good but way too much
We took the scenic route home with a quick stop at Colton RV.  Luke was just closing up so we said hello and good-by so he could get home.  We dropped off the girls and made it home just before dark.  It was a good but busy day.  Now its time to post this and relax a little.

Thanks For Checking In!

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