Sunday, June 8, 2014

Its all about the ELK


We finally got packed up and on the road this morning by 11:15.  Bonnie took the first shift of driving today and drove for about 2 hours.  We went by Woodstock just North of where we were staying and we know some friends who grew up near there.

Woodstock, VA 
Lots of traffic again today and plenty of trucks

Busy Highway
We went to the West of Winchester and then into West Virginia and through Berkley Springs.  Soon we were in Pennsylvania and stopped at the Welcome Center.  We picked up some maps and had a bite to eat.  I took over the driving and we continued on.

When I set up the route in the GPS this morning I did not check it close enough.  I followed it blindly even though I had high lighted the route on the map.  We went right past our turn and the GPS took us an extra 60 miles.  I think it was because it thought we exceeded some of the bridge limits on the side roads.  What a bummer.  Then it tried to get me to turn on a logging road.  Bonnie had the map and navigated us in from the other end of the highway we wanted to be on.  When we missed the turn we were only 8 miles from the campground.  Live and learn. 

We finally made it got checked in and they said go pick out a campsite and come back and pay us.  We were the first ones in the campground tonight, there are 3 others now.  We are on a 30amp site, did not know there were a few 50 amp ones.  They only have electric no water or sewer.  You can fill your tanks somewhere and there is a dump station but we should have plenty for the 3 nights we are here.

We also had dinner at the stores restaurant, it was very good and we will eat there again I think.  They have wifi, other wise down here in the valley we are in a dead zone.  No phone, no TV we have not tried the radio yet.  After we ate we went up to one of the ELK viewing areas.  We saw lots of Elk and even a Bull with Velvet antlers.  I took lots of pictures.  When I put the card in the computer it was blank, somehow they all got deleted.  Well hopefully we will see more tomorrow.

So we are sitting here listening to the peepers and just relaxing.


What a beautiful peaceful nights sleep we had last night.  No AC blowers running no fan it was just the perfect temperature and it was quiet.  We did not see any ELK in the campground as some do, but we have a couple more nights.  The class C motorhome was gone when we got up but the class A is still here. 

They had a flood here in the CG a couple weeks ago and a man and a small tractor are working to fill in the gravel where it washed out around a small building.  We plan to take it easy today, maybe watch a movie and then go out and look for the ELK after dinner again.  Plus we will visit the ELK visitors center today.  Down here in the valley we are pretty isolated we could not even tune in a FM radio station.

Beautiful day and blue skies
Our site
We got a couple things done today I got out a chair and sat out for a while.  That inspired me to cut my toe nails.  Then I got a screw driver and tightened down the ground wires in my electrical bay.  It made the wipers work a little better or at least different.  Then after a little more sitting I checked the water in the batteries and they were all good.  I also took a peek at the Hydro-Hot reservoir and it is holding its level so that is good.

Then we decided it was movie time and we watched Cold Mountain, it was pretty good as I stayed awake for the whole thing.  Then we both read for most of the afternoon, except I got a 45 nap somewhere in there.

We headed up to the store and restaurant for dinner again.  This time we took our computers and caught up on email, blogs, etc.  I got a message from Elizabeth that she had mower problems but by the time I saw it she had solved the issue, by calling Tony and he got her going again.  I did talk to her once we got on top of the mountain and she said cutting all our grass is hard work.

Dinner was very good again and afterwards we went up and visited the Elk Visitors Center briefly.  We did see one ELK there.  We headed for where we saw them last night.  We were not disappointed, we saw ELK just about everywhere we looked.  Some far away and some close.  Also a turkey and I think its a grouse.  Enjoy a few of the pictures.

Finally a young Bull
We stopped at the store on the way back, parked in the lot and used the WiFi to finish what we had started earlier.  We got back to the rig right at dark and now its about time to head to bed.  We have two more campers in here this evening that makes 4 of us.  We are real spread out and I really enjoy this type of camping nice and quite.


Another great night for sleeping, it was in the low 50s by morning.  Nice and quiet again, I got once and looked out just before dawn and the fog was about 20 feet off the ground, no ELK in sight though.  The habitat that the ELK seem to favor here is reclaimed Coal Strip Mines.  The original ELK in Pennsylvania were eradicated by over hunting.  These ELK are from Wyoming and seem to be thriving here.  Each mature Bull needs 20 square miles to roam and browse for food.

Lazy morning again, our last full day here.  After cleaning up we decided to watch another movie again.  After the movie we took a drive around the area an checked out the short route out of here for tomorrow.  We tried to find a dam but did not have any luck.  So we headed back to the store and had a late lunch/early supper.  We took advantage of the WiFi while we were there and caught up on line.

We did go out and watch the ELK again tonight and then came back and turned in early.


Another beautiful day in the making.  We are up a little early for us and heading up to the store for breakfast.  Then we will get packed up, hook up the car and head up to the Kiasutha CG in the Allegheny National Forest for a couple nights.  It looks like there is no cellphone coverage up there either so I am going to post this while we are at breakfast. 

We have had a good trip and enjoyed everywhere we have stayed.  Here are a few more shots from last night.

Thanks For Checking In!

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