Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Shorter Days


Well each day the amount of daylight is getting shorter, not by much yet but a little every day will add up.  We were up this morning and went out to get a few things done before it gets to hot.  Its to be up in the mid 80s today.  Bonne was working on the garden and first pulled the weeds.  I got the Mantis Tiller out of the shed and it started right up, but was not running exactly right.  I left the tilling to Bonnie to go and cut some grass.

The Mantis is doing the job
I finished the grass I wanted to cut and took over the tilling.

This Doe watched me cut the grass for a while
Still not running right.  I pulled out the in tank gas filter and blew it out, I also topped off the oil.  After that the tiller seemed to run like it was supposed to.  Bonnie had some old wire fence and wanted a couple tomato cages made to I started on that task.

Ready to start
 The wire was a little heavy and hard to bend but I did get it done.

All done
Now into the house for a little lunch.  After lunch I even got a little nap.  Bonnie came in after she planted the small garden.

During supper Bonnie asked if I would ride over to her sisters and mothers with her, so we watched the news and headed over to Java Village.  Just before we left it rained hard for about 20 minutes.   Donna was planting tomato plants and I went over to see Mom and answer a question about changing electric suppliers.  Bonnie came over for a few minutes and then we walked back over to Donna's and soon headed home.

Looked like they were still at court so I stopped in to meet the new Judge and to look at the mail that Laurie was holding for me.  It was all stuff that she could file and we were soon headed home.  I jumped in the rain locker and we watched one show and now its off to bed.  We have an early morning.  Looks like the comfortable days are gone for a while and the humidity is back.


We are up early this morning and its raining.  We are headed downtown to volunteer at the mission.
Not a lot to write about today.  We had a good busy day at the Buffalo City Mission.  I caught up on the volunteer statistics and Bonnie did a lot of different things.

We picked up Alexus and then I dropped off the girls at Elizabeth's house.  Then I headed to church for the Men's Meat and Greet.  I mens only dinner for good food and just a time to talk and get to know each other.  It rained twice for a few minutes but the storms stayed away.

Finally home and we took out the trash for tomorrow.  I checked the rain gauge and saw that we had over an inch of rain.  It looks like more rain and storms are coming.

The rain has arrived and it is heavy at times, we even got some thunder and lightning.  I am tired tonight and looking forward to a good nights sleep.


Hey we made it to Hump Day.  Still raining this morning and looks like it will continue most of the day.  Nothing on the calendar until late afternoon.  Then we head into Depew for dinner with my classmates.  Guess we will catch up on TV today.  Still waiting on UPS to bring the switch kit that I ordered to fix the awning on the coach.

Surprise when I went out to get the mail the post office had delivered the switch kit for the awning and the air filter for the Odyssey.  I thought UPS was delivering them, nice surprise.  It was raining some but I checked the coach and the new RV Gutters were dong their job and keeping the water from running down the sides of the coach.  The trash had been picked up so I brought in the empty cans and recycle bin.

We headed in for the dinner around 4:30 just after the rain ended.  We had 12 of us for dinner and it was great to see everyone, its been a couple months.  We were back home shortly after 8 and ready to relax.

Time to get this sent out before we head off to bed.

Thanks For Checking In!

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