Sunday, June 15, 2014

Lab Work / Yard Work


We were up early this morning.  Not only is it our 43rd wedding anniversary we had to be in East Aurora to have blood drawn for lab work.  After the lab we went to the bank and then headed up the street to Charlie's Diner for a nice breakfast.  Once home we had a nice visit from a friend, we took a ride in the woods and locate a bunch of dead trees that he can use for fire wood this year.

I was still full from breakfast so skipped lunch and we watched a few recordings again.  Then I went out and cut some grass for a while.  Rain all around us but none here.  Then I put the vacuum back together in the coach and checked it out.  I think we are all set with that.

I also got on line today and found the hubcap I needed,  I ordered two so they would match, these are stainless steel so they should not match.

After supper I got busy on the computer and entered a bunch of financial info.  Then we relaxed and listened to the rain that finally has gotten here also.


I was awake and up early this morning.  I even had to turn the coffee pot on.  Took my time with breakfast and reading my email.  I looked like rain all morning but it never did.  Bonnie eventually got up and shortly there after left for her sisters.  The rain arrived and canceled my grass cutting plans.

I did a little computer work and watched more recordings.  Then the UPS truck came and brought the new Smoke Detectors for the coach and a couple other small things.  Bonnie got home around 5 and made supper.

More recordings in the evening and now its bed time.  So all in all not much happened today.


Happy Flag Day Long May She Wave
It was cloudy and dark when I got up this morning.  I took my time hoping that it soon would be sunny as it was in the 50s out.  At least it was not raining.  I finally gave up on the sun and headed out to get some stuff done.

The first order of business was to sharpen the blades on the mower.  First I sharpened my spare set then swapped out the blades on the mower with them and sharpened the ones that came off the mower.

The tractor is a big help
While the tractor was up I did scrape some of the grass off the deck.

Some of the grass that stuck to the bottom of the mower deck
Then I went out and checked on Darren and Kyle who were getting firewood out of the woods.  I am glad they came I hate to see the dead and down wood go to waste.

Gathering heat for the winter
They got a good start
After that I cut grass for a few hours.  Then I decided I would rake up the heavy grass that was really tall when it was cut.

One small pile

One of several loads of grass
That done I called it a day.  I headed in and waited for Bonnie to get home from taking Alexus home, she had been here helping her go through her old clothes  Supper was very good broccoli stuffed into chicken breasts with a nice sauce.

One last thing for a today, I needed a haircut and Bonnie took care of that out on the back deck.  Now finally we can both relax.


Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there.  Today has been a great day and a bit emotional at times.  Remembering my Dad and all that he did with me, for me and all that he taught me.  Also thinking of all that my children have become and how proud we are of them.  Then the Pastor had a great sermon and shared the many things that he learned from his Dad.

Then off to have a special lunch with Elizabeth, Alexus, and Bonnie.  Sahlen hot dogs on the grill, with tuna mac salad with olives in it.  Very very good.

Elizabeth Grilled the hot dogs
Chilling out after lunch
We watched a movie and after that Bonnie and I headed home.  We tuned in to NASCAR in time to see Jimmy Johnson win the Michigan Race.  Then we finished up watching all the shows that were recorded while we were gone.

It was a great Sunday and a great fathers day.

Thanks For Checking In!

"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Just Not Big Enough"