Sunday, July 13, 2014

Back Home Again---Where to next


I slept in late this morning but have been pretty busy since then.  I did take time to catch up on email and blogs.  Bonnie slept late also and said she did not sleep that well.  I went outside first and opened up the new O-Grill.

The new grill
I came nicely packaged and no damage from shipping.

Good packaging and easy to unpack
All I had to do was unfold the legs, set the cast iron grill in place, attach the gas bottle and press the ignite button and it was working.

Ready to test.
It came with a nice storage bag and it is now stored in the coach ready for the next trip.  After that Bonnie came out and helped me pick up the rocks, stones and branches that had washed into the yard during the heavy rains.

Easy to see how high the water had been during the storm.
The square end shovel we used to scoop up the stones was really worn and so I took the grinder to it and squared it up before I put it away.

Before with a straight line drawn on the edge

The tool

Square and Straight now
After a bite of lunch I switched out the Dish Hopper receiver.  It took about 10 minutes of hooking it up and 60 minutes of waiting for it to download updated software and programing information.  It was nice that it remembered the settings from the old receiver and applied them as well as the timers that we have set up.  One call to Dish and it was authorized and working.  That just left the Joey receiver in the bedroom and we are back in business.

Bonnie is off to get a haircut and I am on my own for supper, looks like leftovers.  Nothing else to report today, we just watched TV this evening.  Another gorgeous Western NY summer day.


Bonnie was up early and left for her parents house to help with a porch sale.  Once I got up and read my emails I got dressed and headed for Attica.  I made a stop at the bank and then over to ACE Hardware.  I picked up the screws and nuts I needed to fix the two Strongback Chairs.  I also got an email from Ladd at Strongback and he told me they have made changes to the chairs to fix the problem of the rivets popping.

I picked up a sub for lunch at Praller's and 5 gals of gas for the mower.  After fixing the chairs and putting them back in the coach I jumped on the mower.  I cut out back and then the front yard.  Enough for today.  I filled up the fuel tank and put the mower away.

I heard a young hawk calling and then saw it take flight.  Looks like he is practicing his soaring technique.

Just a spot in the center under the cloud.
Zoomed in a little
Nap time once I got in the house and a little TV.  Bonnie was still gone at supper time so I fired up the Weber Grill again and made some Sahlen hot dogs for supper.

Done in no time at all

They were oh so good
Bonnie got home before dark and said they had a pretty good day.  Tomorrow they will do it all over again.  The new DISH receiver is working as it should and we will give it a work out tonight.


Once again Bonnie was up early and headed over to her parents for the porch sale.  I got up and had a leisurely morning reading blogs and emails.  I wanted to finish cutting the grass this morning so I got dressed and headed out to do that.  Out front by the road I checked the 4 foot sluice pipe since we had had the heavy rains.  I found what I had been expecting and it looks like we dodged a bullet.  I have been worried about this since the tree trimmers for the power company had cut all the trees under the wires and left a lot of cuttings lay in the ditch.

I have already removed several branches that were blocking this.
If the pipe had been completely blocked it could have washed our driveway out.  I cleared out the rest of the trash and finished cutting the grass.  Now time to hit the rain locker and maybe a little nap.  We have a graduation party to attend later.

We had a nice time at the party and it was very nice.  Its nice to celebrate accomplishments.  She will be off to Roberts Wesleyan college in a little over a month.  Where has the summer gone.  We got home just before dark.  I am trying to get some updates started on my GPS units so they can download while I sleep.


After 3 gorgeous sunny days we have rain this morning.  Not sure if it is to rain all day or not.  We are up and getting ready to head to church.

It has rained hard off and on all day today so we have stayed in the house and watched the NASCAR race from New Hampshire.  Nothing else planned for today so I guess I will go ahead and post this.

Its been another good and busy week.

Thanks For Checking In!

"Life is not a Race, find Joy in the Journey"