Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Yard work this week--Cut that Grass


I heard it rain a time or two overnight but the rain gauge does not show anything.  However so far for the month it shows 4.65in.  I am hoping to cut at least the front yard today as the grass is starting to get ahead of me.  Its not real sunny out but the front usually dries pretty good.  Thunderstorms are in the forecast for this afternoon.

I went out and cut the front yard, way to wet but I did keep going and finished it.  The afternoon thunderstorms never materialized so that will help the yard dry out.  The humidity has increased a lot and tomorrow is supposed to be even worse.  Thankfully we will be downtown.

I spent most of my non TV time today continuing to shred our old financial records.  I am down to my last two years of records.

I have been keeping the shredder busy
The only other thing I did today was check the mouse traps, no mice and tossed out some stuff from the garage that I no longer need.


We were up early this morning and on our way downtown to volunteer at Buffalo City Mission.  We kept busy all day and I am all caught up on statistics and scanning new volunteer applications into the database.  Bonnie also kept busy all day with files and later phone calls.  Hot day today the car thermometer showed 89 on the way home.  We had closed up the house in the cool of this morning and it was only 75 when we got home.  Tomorrow is to be a cooler day so that will be good.  However I think we are to get rain in the morning and I was hoping to cut the rest of the grass.  Oh well, mother nature wins again.

I fired up the Weber and we grilled some chicken breasts for supper.

Loving Grilling Again
They came out good but the seasoning I used turned black.  But they tasted good.

Ready to be eaten
After supper I attended a Go To Meeting session on line about RVillage, it lasted about an hour.  This is a new social site for RVers   after  just a couple months we have over 9200 members.  If you are a camper check it out.  We watched a little TV the rest of the evening.


Bonnie was up and on her way to the mission again this morning, she was going to help in the clinic this afternoon.  I was up a while later and had breakfast while I read email.  I saved the blogs until later as I wanted to to get out and cut the grass.  It looked like the rain that was forecast could happen at anytime.

I jumped on the ranger and first stop was at the coach.  I needed to get the information off the new Wilson Sleek.  All cell phone boosters must now be registered with your carrier now per the FCC.  After I got that I went out and got the trash can.  I needed to read the electric meter to send in but it was surrounded by thorny rose bushes.  So back to the garage to get the pruning shears.  Then back to the bush.  While I began to cut it down to the ground I stepped on a slippery rock and ended up falling into the bush.  Ouch!.  I smashed my knee and a bunch of thorns stuck in me.  Yes there was a little blood but I seemed to be in one piece with nothing broke.  I was able to finish the cutting get a picture of the meter and head back on the ranger.

Got my reading

Not too much damage but it is sore
Still not raining so I jumped on the John Deere and while its still pretty wet in spots I was able to finish cutting what needed cut.  I put the mower away and headed in for lunch.  I did notice two fawns in the woods who keep an eye on me for quite a few passes while I cut the back yard.

The brown dot is two fawns
I was watching the noon news when the rain passed through and the cold front brought the cooler temperatures.

I decided to watch a movie this afternoon and chose Flyboys.  It was pretty good and I kept awake the  whole movie.  Then I watched some National Geographic on demand, I did get a nap or two in during that.

Bonnie made it home and fixed BBQ pork for supper, very good.  Elizabeth sent me some cookies and I had a nice glass of milk and a couple cookies for dessert.  Its nice and cool now so we plan to enjoy the rest of this evening and the low humidity.

Thanks For Checking In!

"Life is not a Race, find Joy in the Journey"