Sunday, July 20, 2014



Up this morning to another beautiful day.  I headed down to the post office to send a control board from my old Hydo Hot off to Canada to a club member that has a bad board in his coach.

Control Board
Not cheap to send stuff to Canada.  About 3 lbs and over $50 for 3-5 day service.  In contrast it would have been $12.75 to send it to the west coast here in the states.  Anyway its gone and I hope it fixes his problem.

Bonnie left to go shopping in East Aurora and I headed out to work in the coach.  I opened the awning to dry it out after all the rain.  Checked the mouse traps all empty and set.  I put the spare belt in with my spare filters and assembled the tools I needed.

Crimpers and strippers mostly
Todays project is to mount the tire monitoring systems repeater in the back closet.

Repeater and Antenna
I dropped the closet light to tap into the 12 volts I needed.

Quick and easy.
After I a couple quick crimps I had power, then put everything back together and used the double stick tape to mount the repeater and antenna.  I put the tools away and headed into the house.

Earlier today I had put the turkey into the smoker.  Time to give it a quick check.

Coming along nicely
Time for a quick nap and then shred some more records.

The nap was good.  Soon it was time to take the Turkey out of the smoker.

Looking Good and nice and juicy
Once we take it out we put it under a tent of foil.  The temperature will continue to rise 5 or 10 degrees plus the juices tend to go back into the center of the meat.

Under the foil tent for at least 30 minutes
Well the smell got to us and after 30 minutes we carved the Turkey.  Bonnie also had green beans and mashed potatoes to go with the Turkey.

It was very good and tasty
Now for the bonus.  Bonnie brought a small pork loin home when she went shopping today.  So we put that in the smoker.  I had smoked the turkey with Apple wood and when the turkey was done I smoked the pork with hickory for about 90 minutes.  The we let it slow cook for a couple hours.

The pork is looking good
It will now go into the crock pot over night.  It will be tender and tasty.  I cleaned up the smoker racks and Bonnie took care of the turkey,  They she surprised me with some cookies.  Now its time for some shut eye.


Its been nice sleeping with the window closed as the crows do not wake me up early in the morning.  Another great nights sleep.  Got up to the hickory smoke smell from the pork in the crock pot, looking forward to having that for a meal.  I was reading email and blogs when UPS brought our Wilson Sleek, it will be used to boost cellular signals in the vehicles.  Then FedEx brought some accessories for it.

This is the booster
While I was opening up the boxes and connecting the booster Bonnie's parents pulled in for a quick visit.  Her mom went up to see Bonnie and I sat down next to the car to chat with her Dad.

87 years young.
Once they left I hooked up the booster in the Coach.  I was impressed that it increased the LTE signal by 21db.  Thats a huge increase.

You just put the phone or hot spot in the cradle plug it in and thats it.  It is used mostly to boost data but if you use speaker phone or a bluetooth device you can use it for calls also.

Tonight starts 3 days of celebrating for our churches 25th anniversary.  We had a great time at church tonight and plan to go again tomorrow.  I think we are driving the shuttle van from the overflow parking.


We were up this morning and soon on our way to church.  We had volunteered to drive the parking lot shuttle vans today.  It was raining as we headed into Elma.  I was surprised with how many folks were already there.  But it continued to rain all day.  We had a very good turn out but the cars never filled up the main lot so we did not have to drive all day long.  We had borrowed the vans from another church and we took them back around 4pm.  We had hot dogs and ice cream all day and then pulled pork and potato wedges for supper.

We had stages at  both ends of the tent and the bands alternated
Slides and bounce hoses for the kids and the Pastor is in the dunk tank.
Balloon hats

Another balloon hat
It continue to rain all day and the water started to drip on the sound board, but otherwise did not really halt the festivities.

One way to keep the sound board dry

Start of the juggling act
I think everyone had a great time and we are a good kind of tired.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a little better weather.


It rained off and on through the night and it was raining when I woke up this morning.  Two hours later when we left for church the rain had stopped.  Today was the third day of our big 25 year anniversary celebration at church.  There were lots of remembrances in the form or speakers and videos.  The church presented the Pastor an engraved wooden box full of letters in envelopes from the church members, with the suggestion he sit and relax at home and read them.  Pastor Paul was the speaker today, he came all the way from India to be with us.  He and Pastor Pat have been friends for 25 years and will spend some time together this week.  After the service we had a picnic, no rain today.  We had so much to eat, many brought dishes to pass and so many desserts.  The main course was BBQ chicken that Ben and his crew started at 5am this morning.  Everything was delicious.  We came home stuffed and it was nap time.

Well its been a whirlwind weekend.  The temperatures and humidity are to climb this week and the grass already needs cut.  With the rain we had and the heat it will continue to grow fast, but it looks so nice and green out there.  Well time to get this posted.

Thanks For Checking In!

"Life is not a Race, find Joy in the Journey"