Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Lawn Work and more.


Its to be a hot humid day so we were both up and ready to get busy.  UPS had come early this morning and dropped off two items for me.

New Propane Detector
Peppermint Oil to ward off the Mice
The new Propane detector was an exact fit for the old one and only took a couple minutes to install and test.

Easy with the right tools
They are good for 5 years and the old one was just a bit out of date.

Been on borrowed time since January 2010, wow
Bonnie went by the coach headed to East Aurora to shop at TOPS.  I turned the fan on and left the door open to air out the coach.

I opened up the old detector just to see whats in there.

Not too much
 I found the detector on the board and looked on line but I think it needs programmed.

The part with the 3K3 sticker is the detector
I headed to the lawn tractor and got busy.  I cut the front yard, part of the hill, along the driveway and out by the highway.  It was almost 1pm by then and over 90 out in the sun.  Of course the humidity was way up there.  Enough for today.  I headed in and had some of the left over pizza and wings.  Bonnie pulled in just as I finished eating.  Lots of groceries.  I saw some good things in the bags for the camping trip.

We watched a little TV and then headed over to Alden to drop off a meal for a young couple from church that just had their second child.  The baby boy slept the whole time we were there, I am not a baby person but he sure was cute.  From there we headed to Attica to the hardware.  I picked up a some brass fittings to convert our Weber Grill to use here at the house.  Not sure I got all that I need.  Then we stopped at Merle's Vegetable Stand, dropped off some plastic bags and visited with them for a while.  Then we headed home, I got home with 3 minutes left on a CradlePoint eBay auction.  I threw in one last bid and Won!  I will use it to set up in the coach and hopefully extend campground WiFi range.

We grilled some Sahlen Hot Dogs on the old grill when we got home and opened up the windows to try to cool the house down as the temperature starts to drop.  I then signed on to a webinar for RVillage.  I am signing up to be an Ambassador for them. is a social media site for RVers.  When you checkin to a campground you see other RVillage members and their interests.  If they are similar to yours its a good way to meet them.

Still pretty hot out after 10 hope I can sleep as we have an early morning.  Good news just got word that our friends will be joining us for a couple days up at Golden Hill SP.  We are looking forward to that.


July 1st, we were up at 6am and before long we were headed into the City Mission.  We picked up Elizabeth at church where she left her car.  We will drop her off there tonight for a meeting.

We stopped at Tim Horton's for a drink and saw Marie, she was on staff at Weight Watchers when we went there.  Busy day for me.  It was the end of the month and I did all of the stats and printed out the reports.  That kept me busy pretty much all day.  We dropped off Elizabeth and then Picked up Alexus and dropped her off at home.

Trash day so we took out the trash as soon as we got home.  It was hot all day but a breeze came along and it is cooling off nicely this evening.  After I took out the trash I got the Weber Grill out of the coach and converted it with the fittings we had picked up yesterday.  It was pretty easy and I hope to check it out tomorrow.

Now to relax a little and watch some programs.


It was overcast all morning so I decided to head out and cut some grass.  As soon as I got out side the sun came out and boy did it feel hot and humid.  I went out and grabbed the mail and then jumped on the mower.  I cut the back grass out in back of the house and that was enough for me.  I headed in to the house and the sun went behind the clouds again.  To hot to be outside so we are vegging out in the house under the fan.

Bonnie wants me to grill chicken breast tonight so I will bring the converted Weber Q up on the deck and give it a test.  Well that plan got canceled.  I moved the Bradley Smoker off of my roll around cabinet and the wasps swarmed around me.  I got out of there and only got bit two or three times.

Did not take long to turn red
They are coming out of this
Now to figure out how to find the nest and get rid of the wasps, nasty little bugs.  They to figure out how to seal this so they don't get back in.  Just hoping its not a huge nest.

So I did the chicken on the big grill and now its time to eat.  Boy was it good.

Wasp update.  Waited till dusk, pulled out the drawer and there hanging was about a 3 inch nest, sprayed it and will let it set until morning.  Time to post this.

Thanks For Checking In!      (Mary see anything familiar in this post?)

"Life is not a Race, find Joy in the Journey"