Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Camping at Golden Hill State Park


Wow a big storm came through about 5am.  Lots of thunder and lightning.  I got up to close windows and opened the front drape to watch it lightning out over the lake.  But it was foggy and raining hard so it was nothing special, back to bed until 9.  There is a stiff breeze today and hopefully we will be able to pick cherries today.  It is overcast but the skies seem to be getting a little brighter.

Bonnie did some clean-up with the vacuum
Still no Internet but my phone slowly gathers my email and an occasional message.  So at least we will not miss anything significant.

The Rindo’s our camping buddies should be here around noon and we will see if we can go over to Brown’s Berry Patch this afternoon.  Rumor has it that Caroline has the makings for a Cherry Pie if we can get some cherries.

Bob and Caroline arrived and got set up, they came over after noon and we chatted for a while.  Then we decided to head to Browns Berry Patch to pick cherries.

When we got there we had good cellular so I stayed behind for a few minutes and published my blog.  Then I joined them out in the orchard.  They were busy picking.

Bob went deep into the trees

Bonnie picked the outside
Caroline was quick and hers were in the wagon

Bob and Caroline all finished

I even found a 1938 John Deere B
In the end they picked 29.58 lbs of Sweet Cherries.  By combining them together and having over 20lbs we got a 10% discount.  Then the cashier asked if anyone was a AAA member, the Rindo’s are so that was another 10% off.  We tried Good Sam, Senior Citizen, AARP and anything else we could think of but no go.  But we were happy for the 20% off and the young lady was a really good sport to put with us.  Bob was ready for some ice cream so we all went back in and he treated us to a cone and while it melted fast it was really good.

Some well deserved ice cream
We drove around Lakeside SP on the way back and only saw about 5 sites that had a lake view, a bit disappointing.  Once back we headed for the coaches and the ladies got started pitting the cherries.  Bonnie is freezing most of hers.

Bob and Caroline came over as we were finishing supper to try to watch the sunset.  But its really cloudy.  We took the chairs across the road and sat down.  The first couple that came by were recognized by Caroline and Bob.  They are Holiday Ramblers from Chapter 1, we have met them also but did not remember them.  They are the Camp Hosts here this week and next.  So it looks like we will get our lighthouse tour from them.  About that time we heard some thunder and before long a few rain drops.  We decided to call it a night and by the time the chairs were put away and we stepped into the coach it was pouring.

This was at 8:33pm

It only lasted about a half-hour and now it looks like there will be a sunset.  And there was

This was taken at 9:11 pm

Time to call it a night.


We slept in pretty late this morning as it was a bite overcast.  After breakfast I went out to take a few pictures.  

The gulls like this little pier

This is the Thirty Mile Light House

Another view

You can rent this Yurt at the Park, sleeps 6

Our site
While I out I chatted with the camp hosts some and they told me we were to get some thunderstorms again this afternoon.  I chatted with our neighbors.  Then John and Kathy came over.  I had talked to him the other day about Escappees.  He came over to let me know that they had joined and said thanks.

After lunch Bob and Caroline came over and we got the chairs out to sit and watch the water and watch for the storm.  Well it rained with in a few minutes and we moved inside.  It did not rain hard and a little after 2pm we went over for the lighthouse tour.  Diane and Gene the Campground hosts gave the tour and we enjoyed it.  

I don't think Bob wanted to do the wash this way

Looking out one of the window while climbing the steers

Looking down from the top of the lighthouse.
 Our coach is in the trees in the center of the picture.

Caroline stayed on the ground

A couple kayakers paddled by
Then we took a quick look at the little museum.  Then once again over to get the chairs out and sit by the lake.  We were out maybe five minutes when the rain started.  Put the chairs away again and Bob and Caroline headed for naps.  It poured and we even had thunder.  Lots and lots of rain as we tried to watch a movie.

There was a knock at the door.  Special delivery, Bob brought over pieces of the Cherry Pic Caroline had made.   It really poured while he was here and then it slacked off and we saw three swans out in the lake diving for fish.  I have never seen swans in the lake here before.

Wow this was the best Cherry Pie ever
Bob left for his nap again and I could not wait and ate my piece of pie.  It was delicious the best Cherry Pie I have ever had, Wow.

Well now the movie is over and the sun is out.

The Rindo’s came over again to catch the sunset.  Lots of folks are sitting out and the last storm that went through was a cold front so the humidity is gone and it is breezy and cool, so break out the jackets.  We set up our chairs again and the Camp Hosts Gene and Diane came over and sat with us.  We had over an hour until sunset so we had a good time chatting and catching up on what we all have been up to. 

Life is Good, take time soon to watch the Sun go down

Three nights in a row

Once the sunset the bugs came out and it was quite cool so we all headed in.  Now its time for some shut eye.


Third night was a windy one and the slide toppers were blowing around quite a bit.  We have some trees to block the wind but a branch did come down out of one of the trees next to us and the neighbor is taking care of it.  I see the park maintenance truck always seems to have some branches in it when it goes by.  Bonnie thinks they have been the same branches all week.  Lots of white caps on the lake today and it has a muddy color here close to shore as it is all churned up.  We will take our time packing up but will soon be on our way this morning

On our way, Co-Pilot on at the Wheel
Time to unload

UPS left a replacement DISH Hopper while we were gone.

Tomorrows Project
Good to have Internet access again

Thanks For Checking In!

"Life is not a Race, find Joy in the Journey"