Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Rest Up, Let it Rain


I was just heading to bed when I realized I had not written anything for today.  Well I got my rest today.  The noise from the rain, not thunder, woke me several times last night and again at 8 this morning.  I rolled over for a minute and all of a sudden it was 9:30.  I got up then and it continued to rain and rain until sometime in the afternoon.  We watched a lot of TV and I worked on entering the bills into the computer.

Bonnie left to take Alexus shopping, a plan that was made yesterday.  She was getting ready for the Rodeo this weekend.  Bonnie also had to pick up an RX and then went to Warsaw.  She wanted to go to the DMV but the line was too long.  So they went to Tractor Supply and WalMart.  While they were gone I mixed up some of the Salsa that we got at the Hershey RV show.

Very Good
Just add diced tomatoes and a scoop of this, hit it with the hand blender for a few seconds and you get great salsa.  I let it set a while and then sampled it, nice a spicy.  I also washed the towels and some of the whites this afternoon.

Bonnie got home well after 6 and made supper.  The rain did stop this afternoon.  We got 2.32 inches since midnight and we are now over 7 inches for the month.  Now I can head to bed.


Up early this morning and we headed for downtown and the mission again.  Pickup the girls, drop Alexus off, quick stop at Tim Hortons and then on to the mission.  We worked on stats and phone calls all day.  Right after lunch we went out side and Bonnie weeded the garden.

Pulling weeds

One of the guys gave her a hand
Tonight was family wing nite at the Valley Inn in Holland.  It is the last night in town for Bev, Jon Paho and Otis.  Tomorrow they head back to Reno.

At wing night
Almost dark when we got home.  I put on my jacket and loaded up the Ranger with the trash to take out to the road.  Thats done now its time for a bowl of ice cream for dessert.


A little warmer overnight but still nice and cool.  I don't think we have to go anywhere today.  So far it has been dry today but we have heard some thunder.  Speaking of hearing, I heard the hawk out back today and went out to the porch to take a look and there were two of them calling and flying back and forth between the trees, pretty cool to watch.

I went out a while later to exercise the HydroHot diesel burner in the coach a while later.  I let it cycle a couple times and ran the heating loops in the coach to make sure the check valves were letting the hot water flow.  We may just need the heat when we go up into Maine in September.  All worked great and no smoke or bad diesel smell.  I checked on the mouse traps, all three were tripped.  Two were licked clean of peanut butter, the third had caught another mouse.  Thats four for the year so far as far as I can remember.  I also put the main awning out again to dry.  I am not sure why is is collecting water so will have to take a look at it to see if I can tell why.  I brought the empty recycle bin in and Bonnie fixed some lunch in between loads of wash.

It rained off and on during the afternoon but not even enough to register on the rain gauge.  We got word that Bonnie's sister and family made it back to Reno safe and sound.  Nothing else notable to report.  So guess I will go ahead and post this.

Thanks For Checking In!

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