Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Community Meal


Cloudy again today and foggy.  The dampness cuts right through you.  I went out to do some errands. Went down to fill the gas can and CRV up, then to the post office to mail Christmas Cards.  Then picked up the mail on the way back into the house.  Bonnie worked on getting a Dr appointment for her Mom and I did a little computer work.  My RX refills came and so I needed to work on them.  Bonnie baked some today and made fudge.  Then I got a call that Alexus needed a ride from an after school program that she is trying to get a job at.  Elizabeth was collecting donations at the Sabre's game for the mission.

So I picked up Alexus and got her back home.  It was complicated because there was an accident just up the road from us and the road has been close for over 5 hours.  So I had to detour around that both ways.  Elizabeth lucked out as they had front row seats for them to use and enjoy the hockey game after they collected the donations, very nice.

Body Checks

Often leads to fights


We had a clear drive into Buffalo City Mission today.  Shortly after we got there the rain started.  Not sure how long it rained there but our rain gauge shows about 1/4 inch.  We had a busy and productive day.  The highlight of the day was the Community Christmas Dinner.  The Community is made up of the homeless in Buffalo.  They came in for a turkey or ham meal and were seated and served by the staff and volunteers at the mission.  There were lots of people willing to serve and we were able to sit down and share a meal with several woman.  It was nice and each of the men and woman were given a warm hat and gloves.

We were really tired at the end of the day and dropped off Elizabeth and came straight home.


Not much to add to the blog today.  I was really tired when I went to bed last night and slept really late 10am this morning.  It was dark out and it was snowing when I got up.  It snowed off and on all day but stayed just above freezing.  Now it is real nasty out and we have lots of wind.

Bonnie baked all day.  She cut her finger this morning.  It bled a lot but she got it stopped and kept on going.  Not wanting to get it wet she left the dishes for me to do.

Cleaned up in 20 minutes
I washed and Bonnie dried and put them away.

My highlight of the day was a trip to Praller's to get milk and a sub for lunch.

Fresh Tuna sub
Well thats about it for tonight so I will get this posted.  Stay warm and dry.

Thanks For Checking In!

"Some people try to turn back their odometers, not me, I want people 
to know why I look this way, and some of the roads weren't paved"