Sunday, December 7, 2014

More seasonal weather


The sky cleared last night and the moon lit up the yard.  This morning it is still pretty clear and it is nice to see the sun.  Its right below freezing so not much melting yet, but it is to get into the upper 30s today and the next few days.  Bonnie is heading over to see her parents and I am still nursing a sore lower back.

Bonnie had put some new sheets in the wash before she left.  Once they were done I put them in the dryer and started to watch a movie.  When I checked on them they were dry but all the lint had plugged up the lint screen.  Wow lots of lint.  We clean the lint out after every load.  I got out the vacuum cleaner and took part of the dryer apart and cleaned out as much as I could.  I have done this before but never saw it this bad.

This is where the lint screen fits
 Dryer fires are a real thing so clean out your dryer a couple times a year.
This is what I got out of the front part of the dryer.

Quite a big ball of lint
Bonnie made a great supper when she got home meatloaf, green beans, and baked potato.  New refurbished GPS came today so I ran the updates on it and copied my waypoints to it.  Then I realized the traffic receiver was missing from it.  So guess I will have to give them a call tomorrow.  We watched Peter Pan Live for 3 hours tonight but I could not really get into it.  Off to bed now its a clear night and already down to 21.


Well we were a few degrees warmer today but not much.  Bonnie and I headed over to Elma today to meet with our financial advisor.  We had a good visit and count him as a friend as well as an advisor.  All seems well and no changes needed.  Elma is one of the areas that got lots of snow and the piles are still quite big and melting slowly

Bonnie put the turkey in the oven soon after we got home.  I am still nursing the sore back.  She tried a new thing today.  The turkey went in the oven breast side down for an hour and then I helped her flip it over.  It smelled so good cooking all day.

I chatted off and on all afternoon with GPSCITY support.  I am not sure the traffic function in working on my new GPS.  It looks like I will have to wait until we drive downtown and get in range of some of the digital radio stations.

No traffic yet

Well the turkey tasted great.  The girls came for supper and we watched Still Mine a nice movie on Netflix.

We got a good start on it
The girls headed home after the movie.  I think they enjoyed the turkey as one of them had two plates.  Looks like the freezing rain will actually stay south of us tonight so that will be nice.


We have different weather again today.  When a got up during the night and looked out I thought it might be snowing.  No snow when I got up we have heavy fog, we are living in the clouds.  Its rights at freezing and some of the moisture in the fog is freezing on trees and decks.

It warmed up and the fog lifted around 1:00.  My back is still very sore so I took it easy.  I did google my GPS problem and found the answer to my issues.  I ventured outside to go out and get the Penny Savers and mail.  While I was out I hooked up the GPS in the car and verified that my traffic receiver is built in.  It does look like we do not nave the HD radio coverage out here near the house so will have to wait until we go into Buffalo to see if it actually works.

Thats about all for today.  Off to bed


Brilliant Sunshine this morning, looking forward to a Great Day!

We picked up Alexus for Church, Elizabeth was not feeling well.  When we got there we had a nice surprise, Bonnie's sister was there with Jackson her grandson, our grand nephew.  They sat in the row in front of us so he had a better view.

All eyes on the kids up front
The program was a new telling of the Christmas story, based on a pageant at a church where the wrong costumes are delivered for the play.  Imagine the shepherds dressed as pirates, the wisemen as cowboys, and the angels as cheer leaders.  Well it was really good and the message was the same.

Well done and the church was full
Then we stopped at the house to drop off Alexus I went in to pick up a corn bag Elizabeth had made me, pop in the micro wave and then it becomes a hot pack for my sore back.  She also gave me some essential oil to try on my back.  The Christmas tree was on the floor and I said oh you found the stand.  They said no, I said there it is in the bag with the tree.  So Alexus went and got Bonnie from the car and they sat the tree up.

Picking out some ornaments
Then we headed home.

I fired up the grill and we put some sausage on for lunch.

These will be good in about 15 minutes
We had a relaxing afternoon and now its time to get this posted.  Hope you are enjoying this time of the year.

PS:  The new GPS worked perfectly today and locked on to the traffic stations.

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