Sunday, December 21, 2014

It's Winter


About 1.5 inches of new snow out there this morning.  Just enough to have to clean it up.  Bonnie has left for East Aurora to spend the day with her mother and take her to her Dr. appointment.  My assignment for the day is to mail a Christmas package at the Post Office.

I did clear off the deck and the apron in front of the garage.  It was raining when I finished that so I went down to the Post Office and mailed the package.  Then back home and worked on the computer and watched TV the rest of the afternoon while the towels washed and dried.

Bonnie called around 6, they were just leaving the Drs.  Lots of blood tests today for her Mom and a series of tests and scans that need to be completed in the next few weeks.  The good news is that they like the Dr.

Bonnie must be feeling good because she just called and said she was going to grocery shop on the way home.  I threw in another load of clothes so they will be done when she gets home.

Bonnie made it home and put the groceries away,  now time for a Hallmark Christmas Movie.


An icy morning today.  Looks like the drizzle should stop late this morning, be careful out there.  I don't think we have to go out anywhere today so thats good.  I did go out and scraped the top ice and snow mix off the driveway.  There is just a thin layer of ice left and its 22 out so it will stay another day.  We are to get up into the low 30s tomorrow possibly with some sun so maybe it will melt some.  The long range forecast shows 50 later in the week.  The weathermen are also saying Christmas Eve and Christmas day may be some nasty weather, time will tell.

Bonnie baked some more and I worked on the computer.  Some financial stuff and also worked on setting up a FB Group for the family.  Then we watched some Christmas movies and just relaxed.


Still below freezing today.  We did not hear the generator run for its weekly test.  It was still warm when I went out to check it, thats good.  While I was out I went out and got the Penny Saver papers and mail.  A couple more Christmas Cards with Friends news, we always enjoy the letters.

Bonnie is doing wash today and we are taking it easy and watching some more Christmas movies and TV.  No sun today so no melting of the ice and snow.

Alexus had her Christmas Party at Church last night and guess what.

Her team won the Gingerbread Creation Competition
This is Doug with a Make-A-Wish boy.  Doug works at the Mission and we usually have lunch with him when we are there.  He also opens the Buffalo Sabre's Home Game by singing the Anthems

Doug in the middle


First Day of Winter!  Also the shortest day (sunrise to sunset) of the year.
We were off a few minutes early for Church as Elizabeth was working in the baby nursery.  We had another good Worship service and the Pastor's sermon was over before I knew it, very interesting.

We headed to Tops to pick up a turkey breast to smoke for Christmas and then a quick stop at CVS to pick up a RX.  We dropped off the girls and headed home.

Not much else to report for today.  Except the Bills tried hard but fell short and have been eliminated from the Playoffs!

Thanks For Checking In!

"Some people try to turn back their odometers, not me, I want people 
to know why I look this way, and some of the roads weren't paved"