Monday, January 24, 2011

The house is a Home again

Friday Night
All went well at the airport last night.  The flight was on time and there were lots of smiles, both on the faces of those returning and those greeting.  Most arrived with out coats as they had left 80 some degree days behind in the Dominican Republic.  It was easy to spot those of us waiting as most of us carried coats.  Bonnie wanted to stop at Denny's near the airport and we did and all had a breakfast before heading home. We dropped off Elizabeth and Alexus and got home around 1:30AM.

I slept in until 8:30 and Bonnie is still not awake and it is 10:00, but I am sure the generator will start soon for its weekly exercise cycle and wake her.  It only runs 10 minutes so perhaps she will sleep through it.  The cold 12 degree temperature last night was quite a shock to her system after a week in the sun.  I have seen forecasts for as low as -12 for tomorrow.  Our thermometer shows 7 as a low for last night.  I am always thankful for a nice warm house to live in.  No new snow overnight and the birds are coming and enjoying the bird feeder so they keep me entertained.
Bonnie got up around 11:30, after her shower she got a quick lesson on the new Keurig Coffee brewer and began unpacking her suitcases.  I put her pictures on her computer and we will figure a way out to share them.  I am trying to rest and nap a little since it was a short night.  Then we are going to head to SAMs club after a bit and then over to my nephews new apartment for dinner.  Since it is so close to where I grew up we will go past my childhood house and show Alexus where I grew up.

We made it to SAMS and drove by my old house and then over to my nephews.  He had prepared a great stuffed pork chop dinner, green bean casserole and mashed potatoes.  We really enjoyed the dinner and the time together.  We even played a little pictionary.  We headed for home a little after 8 as Bonnie is tired from her trip and may have caught a bit of a cold.  It was snowing and the roads were really slick but we make it home safe and sound.  Now for a good nights sleep.

Looks like the start of a couple cold days about 11 this morning when I got up.  Plus we got about 4 inches of new snow over night.  We had no problem getting out for church I will clean it up latter.  After church it was down to 8 degrees and I figured since there was no wind I would go out and snow plow the driveway.  For the first time I put the chemical hand warmers in my mittens and they worked pretty good.  My BIL gave them to me over 7 years ago and they were warm instead of hot but kept my fingers nice and toasty.  I got everything cleaned off including the back deck.  So now I should be free to relax the rest of the day.  Its only about 33 in the garage, which is good the only heat is from the cars and it is detached from the house.  It is 30X40 but we insulated it well when it was built.  The concrete floor holds a lot of heat but now it will stay cold the rest of the year.  If it stays cold I may built a fire out in the   stove and at least warm up the air in the garage to melt off the snow.  Bonnie is slowly catching up but has a cold.  She is going through the mail and even her email.  But mostly the papers.  She also has put on a big pot of the Jae Family vegetable soup which will simmer for hours, it sure did smell good when I came in from moving snow.

What a day so far.  It was -16 overnight acording to weatherbug, but the house thermometer just showed -3.  The sun has been out all morning and I tried to catch how beautiful the woods look.
Lots of snow on the pine trees

It is still very cold out but it is above zero.  Looking at the forecast we may get above freezing later in the week.  We are getting back to normal here.  Bonnie went back to work today, even though she is trying to get over a cold.  I have a clear calendar today but lots to do tomorrow.  Hope to get some reading done today, still working on 1984.  I think Tom Clancy's new book Dead or Alive will be next.

I have measured 45 inches of snow since the last melt off.  Here is picture of whats built up on the roof, it has settled to about 12 inches.  If you look close you can see the different layers.

It is so cold that the deer have not been out much yet.  Here is a shot of the trail one left coming to and leaving the bird feeder.

Not much else happening today.  I did get to read a little and will read some more tonight.  Bonnie is still fighting the cold so has gone to bed.

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