Friday, January 7, 2011


Saturday night it was still 46 out late into the evening.  This morning it was down to 26 and just starting to snow.  We drove over to Attica to church and it continued to snow, Lake Effect machine has been turned on again.  Seems we are on the southern edge of it so it is not snowing hard as of 1:30.

Tuned in the Bills game on TV in time to see an interception returned for a Jets touchdown.  Mercifully the season is over.

What a nice surprise this morning.  Last night when I went to bet it had been snowing most of the day and continued.  We were under a Lake Effect snow warning for 4-7 inches of snow until 10am on Monday.  This morning there are only about 3 inches, it is not snowing, and shortly after I got up the trees started forming shadows, yes that means the sun is out.  Beautiful new snow and sunshine!  Had a call from my dentist and I have an appointment tomorrow at 8am to replace the filling that fell out last week.

The snow stopped without much more accumulation.  I did go out and clear off the rear deck again and shoveled off the garage apron.  I even walked out to the road and picked up the mail.  Did lots of reading today after I sorted out the receipts and other information to prepare to do the income taxes.  I even downloaded turbo tax so as soon as all the official W2's and 1099's come I will get that done.

Just a trace of snow overnight.  Up early at 6am and at the dentist by 8am.  Got the filling replaced and after a cup of coffee with Dr. Joe I had my 6 month cleaning, all set now until July.  Then up to court for a couple hours.  Closing out last year and getting set up for this year.  We have to keep lots of records.

Just as we headed into East Aurora the snow machine turned on.  It is around 30 and the snow made the roads very slick.  No problems and we had a nice supper at Elizabeth's.  Best of all the snow stopped.

No new snow overnight.  I had to go to the bank so I cleared the deck and around the garage.  Before I could change to leave it was snowing.  The lake was down to 35 so perhaps it will freeze soon and that should stop the lake effect.
Well it did not snow much just a dusting so that was good.  Otherwise a pretty bland day.  I did a bunch of reading and email.  Started to look a little more at the taxes just before Bonnie got home so we are catching up on the news now.
The days seem to pass way to quick.  I need to get started and put some details to this summers planned travels.  Indiana in May and Tennessee in July.

With the melting of the snow, over the weekend the deer have not been coming to the bird feeder.  That is until this afternoon.  The ground is covered again and it had started to snow again when I saw the deer headed for the feeder again.  I pretty much took it easy today and did a lot of reading my book, email and blogs.  Hard to believe it is already Thursday night.

So far a bright sunny day, so nice.  Yes its cold and we got 3 inches of snow overnight but it is sunny.  The light seems to me to make all the difference in the world.  It really lifts my spirits and makes me want to get outside.  Maybe even take some pictures.  I had to take a couple to post.
Looking to the back woods where the deer hide

Looking out towards the road

Bonnies trail as she left for work today.

Its been a pretty uneventful week so I will get this posted.

Let me know if you like the once a week post or if I should post more often.  So for now.

Saddle up and Follow Your Dreams