Monday, January 17, 2011

The Bachelor Life with an update from the DR trip

Friday (continued)
So after getting up to see Bonnie off at 3am I went back to sleep for a few hours.
I was up pretty early not exactly sure when I got up.  No new snow so thats a good sign.  I caught up on the mail, did the dishes and watched a podcast.  Pretty exciting so far.
I checked Bonnie's flights on line and they should have arrived in Santa Domingo almost on time.
The weather is much better down there.  Santa Domingo
After a lunch of Beef on Weck I headed up to court to catch up on the paperwork and also helped the Town Clerk set up her new HP Printer, the old one squeaked whenever it printed so everyone will enjoy this new one that also Scans, Faxes and Prints and does it all very quietly.
Then a quiet evening at home.  Elizabeth had invited me in but she is coming out Saturday so decided to stay home and do a load of wash.  So Bonnie's uniforms are done.  I read a while but did not finish "The Shack" maybe tomorrow.  Turned in early (before midnight).

No new snow again.  But that was short lived it was snowing by 9am and the NWS has posted a winter weather advisory Winter Weather
Had a leisurely breakfast then started the wash, last load is in and the dish washer is about to finish.  Caught up on the news and now hope to read a little in the book.
Elizabeth and Alexus came out and brought supper, so good.  Alexus had a couple school projects to do on the computer so I helped with that.  Elizabeth says there is a lot of snow in the driveway but I only see about 2 inches.  I was hoping that the mission group would post an update but nothing yet.  Still no update from the DR Team.  The girls left around 8 and I went out and blew out the driveway so they would not have a problem getting out.  There was probably about 4 inches in the driveway.  I can clean the rest up tomorrow after seeing what we get tonight.

Hoping to see an update from the DR Team today.  Talked to Marcie at church today and she got a call from Joe yesterday confirming that all is going well.  Went into Elizabeths today and ended up at Target and picked up a new Keurig Coffee brewer that uses K-Cups.  We had a pod coffee brewer from Bunn a while back that gave us nothing but problems so will give this one a try.
After supper with the girls I came home and watched a little TV, downloaded George Orwell's book 1984 which I have not read since high school so will finish this and then start it tonight.  Its after 11 so I will not be reading much.
Hey finally a post from the DR Team here is the link, sounds like they are keeping busy.

Chapel Medical- 1/15-16  I will go ahead and post this so you all can see what they are up to.