Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dark Icy Wednesday

I woke up at my normal 7:00am time today to the meows of the cat outside the door wondering why she did not hear me up.  Well it was still dark out.  This time of the year it should be a bit light out, when it is not that usually means one of two things.  One it is snowing hard or Two it is just very overcast.  The good news is that it was door number 2, just overcast.  As hard as it was snowing when I came home last night it must have quit soon after because at most there is a half inch of snow.  Life is good.

I do not have anything on my schedule today until 5:00pm, then it is over to some friends house for dinner. Venison meatloaf is on the menu.  For the last three years Nell has invited me over for dinner while Bonnie is on the mission trip and I look forward to it.  Friends and family take good care of me, I even had to turn down some invitations as my calendar was full, maybe Bonnie will have to go for two weeks, just kidding, I miss her and am beyond ready for her to be back.

I noticed this morning that the sunflower seeds were about gone.  So I filled that up and discovered that there was a fine mist in the air that was turning to ice on the deck and now has coated all the trees.  Have not seen the deer today yet but the birds and the squirrels are back.  I am getting a little reading done today and even a little TV.  I also did some bookwork and ordered some coffee online.

The venison meatloaf was great and the potatoes and green bean casserole were too.  We had a good time talking and catching up on news.  Before I knew it it was way after 10 and I did not get home untile around 11.  It was snowing pretty good earlier but was clear on the way home.  There was just enough moon light to see lots of deer out feeding in the fields.  I had one deer meander across the road in front of me on the way over there but I got slowed down and she made it across the road.  It has cooled down again about  17 right now at 11:30PM.

No update from the mission trip so will check in the morning for one.

Still no update so I will go ahead and post this, I will update if there is an update later.

Here are a couple pictures of other visitors to the bird feeder.

The birds sometime fill every port

The squirrels have been coming for a few weeks now

Breaking a seed open

Digging for another