Friday, January 14, 2011

Interesting week

The highlight of the day was my first visit to "The Lodge" at the Hidden Valley Animal Adventure Park.
It is a beautiful setting.  We had a WNY Fish Fry, very good and very large.  Out side the windows you could see some of the Elk in their pen.

Pretty much a typical Saturday, up to court for a few hours, still working on closing out the year and getting set up for this year.  Looking forward to Elizabeth and Alexus coming for a visit and supper.
The girls came and after supper we played some games on the Wii.  They were able to spend the night so it was nice to have them here.

6:05pm, Just got back from a quick run to East Aurora.  Seems while I was napping Bonnie promised Alexus I would bring in here turtle project that she left here this morning and needs for school.  Plus they left a bunch of other stuff.  So we loaded up a bag and I took it in.  I shoveled a couple minutes when I got home and came in to find Bonnie already for bed.  So looks like a quiet evening.  Hopefully I will finish my book.  Just had a nice surprise, Gracie my granddaughter called me via facetime.  She uses her iPod Touch and when she calls I get to see her and talk to her on my MacBook.  They were expecting snow in Alabama and the schools were already closed for Monday.  It was not snowing yet so I will have to wait for a report.
Finished the Teeth of the Tiger and started The Shack.

Today is off to a good start, no new snow overnight and the sun is out.  I was able to do lots of email and blog reading in the morning.  With the sun out I headed out to push all the snow off around the garage so the sun could melt it.  Then I grabbed the bow saw and headed out the driveway.  When we had some of the heavy wet snow in December a good sized branch broke on a tree and landed near the edge of the driveway.  So I was able to cut that up and drag it off into the woods.  While I was out the mailman brought our mail to the house since we received a package from Alabama.  I waited till Bonnie got home and she opened it and we got some very nice pictures of my son's family out in Alabama.  So we can enjoy them.  I worked on organizing for the taxes and sent off a payment to the state for estimated taxes.
Bonnie thinks she is coming down with a cold, just in time for her trip.  We watched a little TV and she headed for bed early.  I read some more and then headed for bed.

No snow again overnight, but wait they have issued a snow advisory for tonight.  So I read a little in the morning and before I knew it, it was noon.  I had to go up to court for one of our six Assistant DA days that we have each year to handle misdemeanor cases.  That went well and I was home by 3.  The lassagna was in the oven and heating.  We had to stop in at weight watchers (good news another 2 pounds total of 36) and then get this go to a pot luck dinner.  Well it all worked out and the couple hosting the pot luck run a bed and breakfast in East Aurora in a large beautiful house built in 1890.  They have had it for 6 years.  It was being used by raccoons and other vermin when they took it over and returned it to splendor.  He is retired Navy so we hit it off well.
The house is a full 3 floors with a ball room on the 3rd floor.
Well the snow came and by the time we got home we had a good 5 inches with more on the way.  I read awhile and set the alarm to get up and clean the driveway before Bonnie left for work.  Also have to remember nothing to eat in the morning as I have to have blood work done for an upcoming Dr visit.

So I had planned for today to be an easy relaxing day.  So much for that.  I changed my plans last night knowing I would have to get up to clear the driveway this morning so that was fine.  I was up at 6:45an and dressed and outside by 7:00 I had the driveway done and was back in the house by 7:45am.  It still needs some work but the main part is done.  I got changed and left for the lab for my blood work and got inline behind a slow driver that went almost as far as I was going.  But I was only 3 minutes late, this lab lets you make appointments.  The waiting room was empty so I was in and out of there in 5 minutes.  I then went up the street to Charlie's Diner for a hearty breakfast, I treat myself on lab work days.  Charlie's has lots of regulars and it was easy to tell I was sitting at some ladies table when they came in.  Must of taken them 5 minutes to find another suitable table.  Left there and headed home, still snowing.

Its snowing faster that the plows can keep up so the roads are slippery.  Made it home just before 10.  Sat down read one email and the phone rang.  It was from the Sheriff's office asking me to do an arraignment.  So put my coat and shoes back on and headed for court.  All went well and then a lady came in to pay off her fine, so I took that and gave her a receipt.  That meant I needed to go down to the bank and deposit it as per the states rules.  So off I did to do that and figured I would get gas while down that way also.  Then on the way home a lady and car were in the ditch so I called that in to dispatch as she had hit some signs and would need help to get out, she was unhurt.  Then finally home, hope now to relax a couple hours and then go out and move some more snow.

So I did get some reading done and actually a bit of a nap.  Bonnie came home and I saw that we had at least another 4 inches of snow.  I cleaned off the back deck and we had split pea soup for supper.  Then over to Attica to take and pack some supplies for Bonnie's mission trip.  She and 4 others from our church are joining a larger group from another church for a Medical Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic.  They leave Friday morning.

So since Tuesday evening when the snow started we have gotten about 12 inches, nice light fluffy snow at it is cold.  It was down to 10 this morning when I got up.  And yes it is still snowing, its light but still coming down.  This stuff settles down and compacts after a couple days.  Plan of the Day (The POD as we called it in the Navy) is to read and catch up on some podcasts, (listening to Living the RV Dream as I write this).
I cleaned out the driveway late this afternoon and of course it snowed a little again.  Bonnie came home and finished packing for her trip.  I took her suitcases down and put them inside the garage door.  She is getting picked up around 3AM.  I had a meeting in Warsaw and got home after she went to bed so set my alarm to get up and see her off in the wee hours of the morning.

Bonnie last year with Dr Joe and NJ

So I got up early to say goodby and Bonnie's ride was already here so we said a quick goodbye and off she went to the Dominican Republic.  I just checked and the first flight was early into Atlanta so in a few hours they should all be there.  So far its sunny today here and it should be nice and warm for her down there.  I will get this posted, still hoping for something besides snow to take pictures of.

Saddle up and Follow Your Dreams