Sunday, April 3, 2011

Again I wake to a Winter Wonder Land

I was surprised when I went to bed to see snow on the deck.  Well surprise surprise this morning there is 2 to 3 inches there.  All the trees are coated and I must admit it looks beautiful.  No sun, that would make it spectacular.  It is 34 already so at least I know it is melting.

Its is pretty.

Today's agenda includes washing the towels, finish the wall paper removal in the master bedroom and may be start on the next area.

Bed moved and ready to start

Lunch time break

Finished and moved on to the bathroom and hall, both finished

My son traveled last evening from Alabama to Tennessee to begin a four day hike on the Appalachian Trail with a group of guys.  Their weather looks a bit wet and cool also.

Long day not a real hard day but tedious and lots of ladder work.  Got an email from Bill and if the weather is dry tomorrow they will bring the top of the wall unit over and install it.  Lots of changes to the  looks of the house.  Most of the snow has melted and at 9PM it is still 35 outside.  I am a bit tired and a little sore so will relax a little and try to get to bed early.

When I went to bed last night I noticed it was very foggy out, and this morning it was when I got up.  The fog seems to have lifted now, perhaps it is the light snow that is falling.  Already started the laundry and catching up on blogs and podcasts.  Since the weather is wet looks like the top unit for the TV wall unit won't be coming until Monday, but it should have a nice hard finish coat of paint by then.  I need to run up to court for a while and then hope to strip  some more of the wall paper.
I spent a couple hours up at court and then back home to finish up the laundry.  Wow it is already after 3pm.
I grabbed the tools and started stripping the paper in the front entry.  I got about 8 feet done and that was enough for today since its almost 5.
Bonnie was late getting home from work again she has a couple tough patients.  So we decided to stay home and not go to the concert.
Tomorrow is the memorial service and then I think Elizabeth is coming to help strip wallpaper.

Cool and sunny this morning.  We left the house a little after 9 to attend a memorial service for my Sister-in-laws father.  There was a large turn out and the Chaplin from Hospice did a super nice service and besides all the tears there were laughs also.  Then we went over to the luncheon that followed and visited with the family.
Heading home about noon.  Got home and started stripping wall paper.  Elizabeth and Alexus came latter and helped a bunch.
Working on a wall in the dining area

In the laundry room

Front hall

Emily is taking it all in stride
We were able to finish all the rooms and areas, except for one bedroom.  Hoping we can finish that this week.  I sure am tired tonight and my legs hurt a little, so took some Alleve.  I should sleep well tonight.
Bill sent me an email and the unit is all painted with two coats and ready to be installed on Monday.  We are all hoping it does not rain.

We were up early and got ready and headed to church.  We had a missionary couple that is home on furlough and they gave a good report of their work.
I am taking it easy today and Bonnie's sisters are visiting.   I had an email from my son and he said they are off the Applachin trail and headed for some hot showers.  I think they start for home then and have a big meal planned along the way.  Just saw on face book that he is home safe and sound.
I had a nice relaxing day and I am calling it night shortly after I post this.  Hope to have some pictures of the wall unit for the next posting.
Thanks for checking in.