Sunday, April 17, 2011

The House Project Continues

Wow did I get behind.  Today was another day of mostly painting for Bill and moving furnature and stuff for Jeff and I.  Jeff did put down the floor in the Laundry room.  In doing that we discover that the door bottom was falling apart.  So since the salesman from Bill supply was coming to look at the window in that door we were able to get a quote and order a whole new high quality door.  So it should be here in about 10 days and Bill will put it in.  I had a dinner to go to with my former class mates so left the guys still working and they were still here when Bonnie got home.  I had a great time visiting with everyone.  After almost 44 years we still enjoy each others company.  Lots gone done today here are a couple pictures.
The yellow is going away
Bill working is tight spaces
Jeff puts down the first piece of new flooring

Another full day of painting and flooring.  The paint and floor got done in the pantry.  The bead board got put up in the laundry.  And they removed the carpet in the dining room getting it ready for the new floor.  I felt really sick all day.  I was going through clothes in my closet to donate and had to really fight the urge to just lay down in the bed and sleep.  But I kept at it and got most of it done.  Then I had a magistrates meeting in Warsaw with training at 7:30.  It was pretty good and now home to relax a few minutes before bed.
Bead Board in the Laundry new floor.
Emily comes out of hiding

Dining area ready for underlayment
Well the guys surprised me this morning and Jeff was here a little before 8 and Bill shortly after him.  The were able to put the chair rail on in the laundry room and finish the new floor in the kitchen and dining area.  They screwed down the squeaks before they put the flooring down.
Jeff stapes down the underlayment

Bill cuts it to size

The first row of flooring going down

Dining area floor done, carpet next week?

Kitchen floor
So it has been a busy day.  All but the front entryway flooring is done, then the carpet.  Bill and Jeff have lots of odds and ends to do and Bonnie gave them a couple projects in the basement.
I worked on my computer this morning, then headed up to court for a while.  Then when I came home I put some dirt in the ruts I made moving the stove and seeded them.  The guys hooked up the washer and dryer but did not have time to test them.  I turned the water on and the cold water leaked.  I ended up going to Attica for some washers and bought a new hose just in case.  The new washers seem to have stopped the drip but I still get a little wetness on a paper towel.  I will let it go as we need to do laundry tonight.  Bonnie brought more boxes and we will be moving stuff this week end.  Weather man says windy and rainy, that could be bad for the stuff on the porch.

Early day today the wind and rain woke me.  I tied up blue tarps on the porch to protect our stuff that is sitting out there.  The wind ripped the grommets out of most of them.  I fixed that by tying a round rock in the corners and tied them up again.
Trying to block the wind and rain

To protect all our stuff that is out there.

The wind was to die down at 4pm now they say all night.  I made a trip to the thrift store and now we are relaxing a bit and then leaving for a concert in Bath, NY.  Tomorrow is another day.

Up early for church and the wind is still blowing.  After church we headed for Lowes and Bonnie icked out the towel bars etc that she wanted in the bathroom.  I picked out some bits and nutdrivers I needed for the impact driver.  Also we picked up a light to highlight the entertainment heater.  Then we headed home and I tried to get a cat nap or two.
Then we had a covered dish dinner at church and a report from one of our missionaries.  He is a maintenance specialist with Mission Aviation Fellowship, so we got to talk a little aviation talk after dinner.
When it was time to leave guess what.  Yes everything was white outside and it was snowing hard.
Our yard when we got home. :[

Hopefully it will not last long.  Now its time to relax a little and hope to get a good nights sleep.  I think all the major items should be finished this week and the carpet should get installed.
Thanks for checking in.  Have a good home.