Sunday, April 24, 2011

Not Done This Week, The Project Continues

Bill and Jeff were here early this morning to help move furniture and Jeff wanted the carpet and pad so they took it up and hauled it away.  They also screwed down the floor where it squeaked and put a second coat of mud on the basement door.  Bill also put the sides on the laundry cabinet.  The guys from Attica Furniture showed up on time just before 11.  They went right to work.  Put down a second row of tack strip, then the padding, then the carpet.  They were done by 4pm and headed home.  They did a nice job and were quiet about doing it.  They took all their scraps and will be back on Tuesday to do the other bedroom and finish.  I took some pictures but somehow they got erased.  When Bonnie got home she helped move some of the stuff back in and we got the bedroom set up and some of the living room.
The new carpet in the living room, still waiting for the cabinet doors to come in.
I am feeling a little better tonight but boy am I beat.  Bill has our new rear door and plans to put that in tomorrow after he finishes up at the Pastor's house.  There was a little snow again today but it did not stick.  Come on warm weather.

Had to get up and take some NyQuil again last night to stop the dripping in my throat.  Bill and Jeff were here about 11 this morning after working at the pastor's house.  They brought the new back door for the the laundry room.  Bill put the final coat of mud on the basement door, Jeff removed and prepped for the new door.  Then they both put in the new door.  Then Jeff primed the cellar steps and Bill trimmed the door and put in some other missing trim strips.  Then they finished up the laundry cabinet.  In the middle of this Ted called and asked if they could come and put in the bedroom carpet.  I said when and he said in an hour.  I checked with Bill and he said sure.  So we cleaned out the bedroom furniture and clothes out of the closet.  The carpet guys showed up about 2 and should finish between 4 and 4:30.  Hopefully they will help move stuff back into the bedroom.  Bonnie will be surprised since we were expecting them not to come back until Tuesday.
Old door is out, prep work for the new door.

Surprise the carpet is done in the second bedroom.

In comes the furnature

Tonight we are taking meatloaf to Elizabeths and then going to her church for the Good Friday service.
I will be glad when things slow down.  The church service was good.  Raining now, time for bed.

Ahh a day to rest up a little.  Bonnie vaccumed the new carpet and I fixed and cleaned a few things.  I spent about 3 hours up at court and should be ready for Monday night.  We got .67in of rain overnight and now it is raining again this evening.  Not much else to write about today so will keep this short.

Today is Resurrection Day we were up early and headed to Java Village to attend the sunrise service with Bonnie's family.  This is the church we were married in 40 years ago this June.   After the service they have a breakfast and we have gone every year since we moved back here in 2000.
We are home now and plan to go into Elizabeths for dinner and family time today.
We had a wonderful dinner and then we worked on Elizabeths computer to transfer her iTunes library from an older computer.  Then we played pictionary on the Wii until Alexus won a game.
Back home again and relaxing for the upcoming week.

Thanks for checking in.