Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Will this be the week to finish the project?

Still snow on the ground this morning and Jeff shoveled off the deck so he could cut flooring out there.  The new floor got put down in the entry way.  Bill brought the cabinet for the laundry room and installed that.  Then he painted the stairway to the basement.  That took us to lunch time.  Now they are putting the crown molding around the laundry cabinet and plan to put the base trim back in the kitchen and dining area.  Of course it has started to snow again and is only 38 out.  Not sure we will see much sun this week.  Thursday is the day the carpet gets started.  I am still not feeling well, today I have a little fever and then the chills.  Here are some pictures from today.
I put up the new lights, they will light the wall unit.

Entryway floor is done, door needs painted.

First section of the laundry cabinets was built and installed
The guys said they had another small job to do this morning but they were here around 10 as I pulled out to go to the bank.  Bill picked up his new truck last night so was in that.  He had the stairway about painted when I got back and Jeff was working on putting up green board drywall around the basement door and glass blocks.
Green board around the basement door.

  Bill says the carpet will go in two rooms on Thursday and then the remainder on Tuesday.  Seems odd but will give us a chance to move things around.
Jeff patched the hole in the bedroom closet that the yellow jackets ate through two summers ago.  We were all shocked with how big the nest was.
This is about a 9inch square hole and the bottom of the nest.
The laminate was trimmed out and readied for the carpet.
Trimming the laminate.

Tonight we had WW and I spent the evening with Alexus and got a little reading done.  Then Alexus came home with us for a couple days since she is out of school.  Tomorrow the guys have another little job to do so may not be here until late if at all.

Wow lots of thunder and rain during the night.  My rain gauge shows 1.06 inches since midnight.  Lots of thunder and lightning that woke all of us up.  The front porch looks dry so that is good.  Today we will be cleaning out the bottom of a couple closets so the carpet can be replaced.  Then tomorrow I hope they can finish the living room and at least one of the bedrooms.  Here are a few shots around the house, Alexus and I have been busy cleaning out closet floors and moving what we could.
Clean bedroom closet floor

Hallway linen closet floor
The guys must have spent the day on their other projects, I know they had at least two other places to go.

Celler stairway prepped for new hand rail.

First coat of mud on the basement entrance.

Game time for Alexus, she was a big help today.
Time to post this and relax before the carpet comes
Thanks for checking in.