Thursday, April 14, 2011

Back Home and Warming up Finally, Lots happening at the house

Took some medicine and slept pretty good last night.  Up this morning and waiting for the guys to come.
Sure enough at about 8:30 they were here.  They went up in the Attic and fixed a bathroom vent that was put in wrong when the house was built, added cross bracing that was non-existant, and nailed down the trusses properly.  While they were up there I moved the TV to the wall unit also the cable box and the DVD player.  Next is the VCR player but I need some longer cables.
Bill and Jeff left before lunch.  The crown molding was being delivered to Bills place and they planned to paint it this afternoon.  If the weather is clear tomorrow they will bring it here and start to install it.
I went over to put the deposit down on the carpet and flooring.  When I got home I took the blower off the tractor and put on the loader.  Then I moved the old fireplace unit off the front yard (made a couple ruts that I have to fix and seed).  Then spread some stone on the pot holes in the driveway.
Back into the house and did a load of clothes and then went through some of the stuff in my room.
Finally got to sit down and relax a little.
Bonnie was very late getting home, she brought subway subs and they were good.  Then she did a little packing, watched a little TV.  All in all a busy day and a lot got done, still lots to do.

The guys were here before 8:30 today and must have been putting up the crown molding within 10 minutes.  They finished all but one room and a couple pieces in the kitchen.
Bill's work bench

Above the wall unit

Closeup detail, yes it still needs painted
After they left I headed for the Lodge to meet Bonnie and some friends for a fish fry.  Then home to relax a little.  Bonnie s plan for tomorrow is to take down the bed and move furniture into the middle of the room and strip the wall paper.  Thats the last room to do.

Wow lots gone done today on a busy buys day.  Bonnie got an early call from work and stayed up and started working on getting the house ready for new paint and carpet.  I got up a little while later and we started on her room.  We took the bed and a few other pieces of furniture out onto the deck and moved the rest into the center of the room.  This whole room had wall paper.  So I started stripping paper.  After lunch Bonnie s sisters, nephew Eric and friend Sharon came over and helped move stuff and strip paper.  We finished around 5:30 just as Bonnie arrived with the pizza.  Many hands make the job light is a true saving.  We are all tired but a lot was accomplished.



Painted wall and wall paper meet

Bonnie busy sorting and wrapping

Walls are clean and ready to paint
Now for a good nights sleep.

Even with all the aches and pains from yesterday I slept like a log last night, perhaps the cold medicine helped.  I am still a bit under the weather but I think I have turned the corner.  We are up on time and preparing to leave for church soon.  Bonnie has a shower to attend later today so I can rest a little and do some odds and ends around here.  I do need to replace a light switch in the hall.  It was remote control and I think it quit working last night.
I picked up some parts after church and now the hall light works again and The plate is mounted where a ceiling fan used to be.  Bonnie went to the shower and I started going through my clothes that are too big for me now.  In between I got a brief cat nap and watched the Masters on TV.

The guys were a little later this morning as they had to look at a possible job.  Once here they kept busy and finished the crown molding except the laundry room and pantry.  Then they gave it a final coat of paint keep in mind there is over 450 linear feet of molding here.  I continued to empty book shelves and move books and other items out on to the porch.  We had a little rain this morning and then it was nice out.  The guys are set up to paint the bed rooms and bathrooms tomorrow.  They left around 4 and I finished up stripping some wall paper and taking down the cabinet in the laundry room.  Then a quick shower and headed for court.  We were not to busy so I got home early.  The wind really was blowing hard out he way to court a big gust hit the truck and ripped the toneau cover right off the truck.  I had to stop and pick up pieces off the highway.  Bonnie is not feeling well at all I thing she has what I had.  She cleaned the stuff out of her bathroom and went to bed.  I will be heading there soon.

Bill and Jeff were right on time today and painting within minutes of getting here.  Both bedrooms got painted and both bathrooms, the entryway and the hallway.  Tomorrow is the kitchen, dining area and living room.  I moved stuff all day again.  I also worked on the ruts that I made moving the stove.  While doing that I decided to paint free on the old stove and move it out to the road  and see what happened.  I came back for a load of trash and by the time I got back out to the road someone had stopped.  So I helped him put it in his truck and its gone.  We had WW tonight I am now down 53 pounds.  Then Alexus and I watched a little TV and used our computers some.  Bonnie and I are both still not feeling well and I am looking for an early night and a good nights sleep.
The bathroom before

Bill putting on the new color in the bedroom

The new freshly painted bathroom
Need to move all this for tomorrow