Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Trip to Albany

It rained and thundered during the night enough to wake me up.  Seldom does the rain wake me.  This morning when I got up at 7am we the new rain gauge showed just over .4 inches, not too bad.
Bill and Jeff showed up about 9am with the top of the new wall unit.  Of course they had driven through a big downpour .  The unit was covered with a tarp but got a little wet.  So after lots of wiping it down it looked as good as new.
In out of the rain and on the Living Room Floor
Time for a test fitting.
After the guys got it test fitted and Trimmed it a little they fastened it to the wall.  We ran another outlet for power to the lower unit and cut a couple ports for all the audio and video cables.  Then the guys put the top finish coat on all the white cabinets, cleaned up and will be back tomorrow.
All painted and ready for the doors and shelves when it dries

I am going with Bonnie to Albany for the next two days so will not see them again until Thursday.
I have court tonight so am headed up there now.
Home from court and time to watch the NCAA Final Game.  Still raining here .87 inches so far today.

It was raining when I went to bed last night but there is a coating of snow on everything this morning.  The rain gauge shows over an inch of rain in the last 24 hours.
We left for Albany about 9:30am and arrived here at the hotel around 4:30PM after a couple hour stop at the Waterloo Outlet mall.  Bonnie bought some clothes and I got a couple pair of sneakers and a battery powered 1/4inch drive impact wrench.  The hotel is nice and I can stay in the room until 2pm tomorrow while Bonnie is at her meetings.

We were up and down to breakfast by 7:30am.  As we stepped into the hall the lady coming down the hall asked are you Bonnie Jae and she said yes.  It was Michelle the lady that invited Bonnie to this meeting.  So we got to meet her and have breakfast together.  Bonnie was able to ride with her to the meeting and I headed back to the room.  I will pick her up around 3:30 at the meeting site.  She should be done by then and we will start the 270 mile trip home trip home.  So I am relaxing as it will be a long day for both of us.
I left the room just before 2 and went a couple miles to the Shaker Historic site.

The meeting house

The Shakers lived on this site from around 1775 until 1938.  The flat broom that we still use today was first made here.  I talked to one of the workers here for a while and then left to pickup Bonnie.
She got out a little after 3 and after a short stop at the Talbot outlet store we hit the Thruway and headed west for home.
We got home right around 9pm.  Bill and Jeff have been busy and all the ceilings are painted.  They will be here in the morning so I can see what else they have done.
Its been a busy couple days for all of us and I have been a bit under the weather with a sore throat so will post this and call it a night.
Thanks for checking in.